As with any move we have a few wrap-up items which we need to do to complete this phase. Below you will find a listing of the tasks which we know of at this point. If you find any one or two of these fitting to your talents and time please come help us out. If you need any further help understanding the task, you can see Cindy.

Please gather the items from hallways, closets and outside storage areas:
1.- gather easels and place them in office next to room 306
2.- gather all song books and place them in room off small auditorium
3.- gather all bibles and place them in room off small auditorium
4.- gather all coffee makers and supplies from storage and bring them to kitchen area
5. Domestic Violence & Room in the Inn - organize in the large closet room off the small auditorium
6. organize the Resource Room—Work Day, April 17; 8:00-12:00
7. raise the table height in k-5, k-6, 1st and 2nd grades
8. paint the 2 benches (pews) which are positioned in the 1-6 grade hallways purple (plus some)
9. touch up paint spots in adult areas from children’s usage
10. secure picture and hang
11. finish clearing out brush to the fence are behind the small auditorium and present playground, spread mulch
12. install lights outside to light up playground areas
13. arrange and stabilize the cabinets and shelves in the Resource center
14. install and frame the Daniel and the Lions’ painting
15. children’s library painting ( Greg Tipton)
16. paint the cabinet installed in the Children’s Library
17. paint the bookshelf unit in the children’s library
18. paint table and chairs in the children’s library
19. sharpen the paper cutter in the Resource Center
20. be a helper for Buzzy Neil as he continues work on our playground extension
21. clear playground area of sticks, stray cables etc...

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