Jonathan’s Journey
Wednesday March 27, 2013
Go read my first Jonathan’s Journey
In that journey…I said that I would write in phrases…spelling would be an issue (Barbara really has a problem with my spelling---I try to use spell check---but it will spell a correct work as you saw in yesterday’s Journey---but that is really bad when it is on the wrong word!)
I could have just claimed that I was giving Tommy material, so he could write (I am good at that without even trying!) But I will admit---I knew the word I wanted…I kept spelling it wrong…and when it corrected---I didn’t pay any attention that I had the wrong word.
I should have used my first choice---Bathroom (the flight attendant or Captain called it the “facilities”---I should have used “out-house”---that would have gotten the message across.
But, as it is…Tommy can have some fun…..
From TC
It was great to read about all the good work you witnessed in Honduras. I was sorry to read of all your travel travails. As one who has traveled a lot, I can certainly relate. However, I am always anxious to learn and grow. Although I have flown many places, I think I have only flown through Miami once but things there are obviously different. You see of all the planes, of any size, I have been on, there has never been a “laboratory” on any of them. Being a guy educated in science, as we engineers are, and having been involved in the design of many types of facilities, I think I would have recognized one had I seen it. I guess the closest I can imagine is the “lavatory” in the rear of planes involved in most of my travels (small private room, sink with hot and cold water, small working counter, waste can, vessel to dispose of waste liquids). I am really curious why there was a laboratory on your plane. Is it for traveling scientists to continue research while away from home? Is it for college students, like Bethany, to be able to keep up on their studies while on break? Is it for old folks like you to be able to do fun and educational things while traveling? Just curious! I am going to be flying Southwest next week, so I called this morning to see if, perhaps, there would be a laboratory on my plane. Alas, the answer was negative. I think you traveled on American Airlines, so I am researching if they fly where I need to go, and, if so, does the plane have a laboratory (of course, I want a working one, not a broken one like you had). I’ll let you know. Anyway, glad you are home safely.

PS: I do not want to hear about spellcheck. Ain’t buyin’ it!

Tom Clevenger
Don’t we have fun!
I posted yesterday’s long Journey….late last night…knowing that Al Bradshaw would be the first to read it….and he greeted me with those blessings when we met this morning for Bible Study at 6:30 am!
We meet with Monday Morning Quarterbacks on Monday at 6:30….and another group on Wednesday at 6:30! He is the first one here to the building each of those mornings. He unlocks, turns off the alarm and makes the coffee! Not bad for a 90 year old…who just celeb rated 70 years of marriage. I hope I am moving like that….if I am able to live that long! Thanks Brother Al!
Monday and yesterday were very draining and stressful with Coach Mac’s visitation and funeral. Today---it has been interesting to hear all the great comments---and stories that were told again from yesterday’s celebration. I have reflected with a lot of people today…and I am sure more of that will take place in the days to come.
A lot of catch up meetings today…and tomorrow…a little Fish tomorrow night at the Inner City Fish Fry---and then on to Opryland for the 44th Annual Lads to Leaders Convention---it will be another busy Easter Weekend.
Have a great Journey…..

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