Jonathan’s Journey
Thursday March 21, 2013

Remembering Coach Glenn McCadams

(Day 5 and 6 in Honduras...are here in Tegucigalpa---and I will try to post some update information. I have made some videos and tried to post them to Facebook…but not having a lot of luck. I might try to post some pictures tomorrow---but my WIFI is limited to the hotel…and my time here is only at night…as we are really busy during the day….so bear with me)

I think my first encounter with Coach Mac…was his first summer at Lipscomb…and he was working on the field or the stadium….with his shirt off---and as security director (either I or one of our officers had to tell coach to put on a shirt---school rules---coach would laugh and remind me of that story often over the years.

As University Athletic Director---we had several encounters---usually over sharing facilities—wither it was a High School baseball game at Dugan field---or our need to use the High School Gym…or usually our biggest nightmare---how to share the tennis courts!

Coached served our “Athletic Committee”---and I think that was eye opening to him—about how the University Athletic Program operated. We had a good relationship---and I think one of the keys was he serving on that committee. We usually had lunch meetings. I always made sure that we had plenty of pickles!

After I resigned as AD to go to work full time at Brentwood Hills (where he was a member) he immediately talked Barbara and I into serving as Mustang Booster Club Presidents! This time I had no excuse. It was a hard year with a lot of work---but always a lot of support from Coach Mac.

After leaving the university, I had made the decision that I wanted to join others in working to get the Mustang Football games on the radio. Bayron Binkley, Dale Jenkins, Craig Hartline and Burt Nowers went to work to make it happen.

During my sons (Justin and Benjamin) playing years---it was some of my best years with coach Mac. We were on the radio…and every week I would spend time with him doing pre-game interviews. I would got to practice every Thursday afternoon….sitting in the stands with coach as the directed the practice. After practice I would interview Coach Mac and other coaches….and Bayron and I would do all of our prep work to prepare for the games. Some weeks, instead of doing Thursday interviews---I would go over to school in the morning and interview coach in his office.

These were some of the best times…because coach and I would talk and talk. He often told me how much he missed me being the AD at the University and the times we had worked together. Many days---I just listened. I could tell that with all of the changes at the university---coach needed someone to talk to---someone that would listen. It was during the meetings that he would talk about giving up being High School Athletic Director….so he could just coach football. Coaching was his first love. He loved to teach the game. To coach the game. To the teach the young men how to be men and how to understand the importance of brotherhood.

I had seen coach much this year. With all of my children out of the High School---and then busy schedule that I have at church and with the Bisons---I just hadn’t had the time to stop by and visit with coach. We might speak in passing at church---but none of our lengthy conversations.

Dr. Tom Whitfield, one of our elders, sent me a text on Monday night March 4th to tell me that coach had been taken to Vanderbilt Hospital. The next morning a group of men at Brentwood Hills were meeting for their final session of a 24-week Quest for Manhood. That morning, Tom shared a few words about Coach and we had a special prayer.

I left the 6:30 AM session and headed to a couple of hour meeting that was scheduled for that morning. As soon as the meeting was over---I headed to Vanderbilt to visit Coach. He had been given a couple of units of blood on Monday and was waiting for more test that afternoon….and I just did get in to visit with Coach, Alacia and Jill---before they had to post the no-visitor sign. We had a nice, short visit---I prayed with the family and then I headed to Macon, Georgia with the Bisons for the A-Sun Basketball Tournament.

When I enter the room, coach said something like, “What are you doing here---go to something for someone who needs it---basically saying go help and serve someone else! You have a lot of people to minister to---and you don’t need to be here!”

However, I needed to be there. To thank Coach for years of his friendship. For the coaching and the life lessons he taught my boys. I often told coach, they would do anything for him. They respected him. They love him. He taught all of his players to have courage, to have heart, to be brothers….and the last thing I told coach was to face his illness the way he had trained his players.

I remember Alacia saying he was!

He did!

The Journey was much shorter than any of us anticipated. But now it is complete. Coach Mac’s Journey to the Son is complete…. He now has his final reward.

He will be missed---but not forgotten. Coach, thanks for being a friend and a mentor.

By the way. “The Hays in the Barn (his life has prepared him for eternity) it is now time to enjoy your heavenly reward.

Yesterday and Today---we have been busy in Tegucigalpa---Bethany and Grace Plunkett have been working with the Adams Clinic…and Barbara and I have been busy with Ronald Millon and Pavon---visiting at Baxter, the Clinic, checking out Hotels, meeting with German at the Kennedy Church and driving to look at building sites---and taking a lot of pictures.

Tomorrow we are going to look at more hotels, sites, Baxter, the hospital, and PriceSmart to pick up birthday cakes for our Jovenes celebration on Saturday.

Barbara and Bethany fly back Sunday night….I am trying to change my flight…but not having much luck. I am scheduled to return Tuesday night, but trying to get home Sunday or Monday night if possible,

It has been a hard week for many of our family at home. We all hurt for the families that are suffering this week. May God Bless!

Please continue to pray for our Journey in Honduras….miss you all.

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