Jonathan’s Journey
Tuesday March 19, 2013

Day 4 in Honduras.

I have posted some more pictures on my FACEBOOK Page. (Dan Gower, I have labeled some of the pictures…I was in a hurry at lunch and just had to post the pictures!)

Before I get into some of our activities of the day….let me begin by sending my best and my prayers to Coach Mac and his family. I learned early this morning that he had been taken back to the hospital…and I have been getting messages throughout the day…and checking FACEBOOK through the night. We have had several prayers for him….as I know many have around the world today!

This morning after breakfast---we had the use of our rental car for a few more hours so we drove to Oak Ridge (yes we took Barbara’s picture by the Oak Ridge sign)…to take a water taxi ride through the MANGROVES…saltwater trees that provide valuable protection for wildlife…and during Pirate time…they provided a haven for the native Indians. It was a pleasant ride…and very beautiful. (I have posted some pictures). By the way the native guide was names Charlie (Barbara’s dad from Oak Ridge is also named Charlie or Charles)

We visited a couple of other small villages before we returned to Turquoise Bay for lunch…and then our 2:00 pm snorkeling trip. (By the way this second rental car---was using a small spare tire…maybe not the “donut tire” but it was smaller than the other three and it drove like it had been driven through Honduras a lot! I was glad to get it back and turn the keys over to the rental company.

The three of us…had a private guide for our snorkel adventure. About an hour in the water…just off the coast---a beautiful coral reef---were it drops off…and you can snorkel in shallow and 15-30 foot water.

Barbara and Bethany are like fish in water…I am more like a manatee----but we had a fun time. Saw lots of fish, a big star fish, and plenty of other underwater sites…and I have some salt water in my lungs to prove it!

This afternoon…we went to the beach to read and nap---actually I never fell a sleep…Bethany got a little nap…and I finished my IN HINES’ SIGHT…the Ups and Downs and Rebounds of 40 years in Sports Broadcasting---by Hope Hines. It was an enjoyable read….with a lot of insight from former Channel 5 Sports Anchor—Hope Hines.

By the way—we all have gotten too much sun…and are burned in a few places---and today the sand fleas started eating on Barbara…I guess she is the sweetest---they skipped over Bethany and I! (Actually we were handling a little higher---since we were both in hammocks and she was in a beech chair!) Usually the bugs get me…but today they went after Barbara!

Before dinner---I watched the first half of the Kentucky- Robert Morris game….KY made the comeback…and wondered how the second half would go…then I got back from dinner to see that the Defending National Champion….seeded # 1 in the NIT….went down in defeat. I know the Big Blue Nation is in mourning. Been there done that.

Tommy Clevenger is ready to share some more about our trip…so here goes:
I’ve really been enjoying the photos and descriptions of your “mission trip” (we non-clergy usually call then vacations). The scenes of the ocean and the palm trees are beautiful (not seeing many people in them though). I got really envious yesterday (don’t worry about us, severe storms and tornados here, but your “mission field” looked downright balmy), so I decided to live somewhat vicariously through your pictures and descriptions. I went to Home Depot and bought 200 pounds of “play sand” (sounded like the right stuff) and dumped it on my bathroom floor. Then I got a really big heat lamp and hung it in the corner. Then I ran the tub full of tepid water, dumped in some blue dye and added two containers of salt. The hardest part was dragging the wooded lounge chair upstairs and into the “beach area” (on reflection, I might should have used the downstairs bath!). I got a big ole lemonade, put on my swim suit and beach hat, put Don Ho CD in the player, and just relaxed. It was nice. I think I’m liking your kind of “mission trip”! My car is better than yours, but we all must sacrifice something. I sure hope you continue to have a good time. Maybe you could post a picture in your beach garb, I mean your “ecumenical vestments”.

Your thought for today (I do not know who said this, but I liked it and wrote it down) – “We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public”. You’ve seen me in public, and I’m not sure that one applies to me, but perhaps to others.

Well, I’m headed off to “shallow tub fishing”. I stocked the tub with sea bass and bought me a pole. What kind of bait do they take? Tarter sauce?

Hope y’all continue to have a great trip. We’ll look forward to good pictures and stories on your return! HEY – maybe we could reconvene the Quest group and you could show us how you applied all you learned on this trip. Just a thought, but turn it over in your mind.

Tom Clevenger

Tom is a great writer….He should consider writing a Book. Short stories---with his humor and his advice! It would be great.

What I like about Hope’s book…was short stories…all true…and then advice that he learned from the situations. An easy read---I think you would enjoy.

Keep everyone in your prayers….have a great Journey…

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