Jonathan’s Journey
Sunday March 17, 2013

Sprint Break 2013 is under way in Roatan, Honduras….

We were up at 3 am Nashville time on Saturday….and we arrive here at 1:15 local time—after going from CDST to EDST back to just CST…so we are one hour behind Nashville and two hours behind the East Coast.

Barbara, Bethany and I are taking a couple of days to check out Roatan….to relax, read, reflect and charge up our batteries…before we head to the mainland of Honduras for some Mission work…and celebration at Jovenes en Camino!

Yesterday…after arriving…I got to watch Carolina beat Maryland…and today I am watching the ACC Championship…as Carolina and Miami are playing for the title in Greensboro, NC.

This morning I was able to watch the BHCC morning service—LIVE on the internet at BHCC.TV! It is great to stay connected.

Speaking of connection…late yesterday…I got the Family Life Line call from BHCC and Jerry Kennedy…with the news of the deaths of Netta Scotts mother and our own Kay Miller…however I was shocked and saddened to learn of the news of the tragic death of Woody Fisher’s sister—Leta Fisher and the serious injuries to her grandson Eli Payne---results of a car accident in Sparta.

Eli has gone to Camp, Work Camp and other events with our Student Ministry. I was told this morning through a message from Anna Fisher---that he should recover…we continue in prayer for him. It appears that his grandmother was killed instantly in the accident. Our prayers and thoughts are with Wood, Mary Kate and the entire family.

We have spend several Labor Days near Leta’s home at their family farm near Sparta for Woody and Barkley’s annual Dove Hunt. That is when I first met Eli---I appreciate Mary Kate and Woody encouraging him to come to camp, etc.

Our hearts our heavy.

Barbara and I hate that we can’t be there to be with our friends.

However, here in Roatan…we are able to have communications with the States…and we have time to reflect and pray…as we seek to re-charge our batteries, we are torn by the pain that several of our BHCC family members are going through at this time.

May God give them strength.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day—March 17th---that means it is the one year anniversary for Justin and Audrey! This afternoon I listen and watched him do the play by play for the Lipscomb –Bradley Baseball game----on A-Sun.TV and at the same time I was watching UNC…as they lost in the ACC finals to Miami!

This afternoon we have been relaxing on the Beach…and I have been reading Hope Hine’s new book. It is a good read---and many of the folks he talks about, I worked with at New Channel 5. Hope and I crossed times---and didn’t work together at 5---but we got to know each other while he was covering Lipscomb---and I have interviewed him at Lipscomb during one of our Jim Wood Golden Bison Luncheons. I am enjoying the book.

Barbara, Bethany and I also took an ocean kayak(s) for a ride in the bay! It was fun, but it was also a work-out! The water in the bay is calm…but as you get out away from the island---you can see some waves, etc.

It has been a good day….and we are about ready to head to dinner. (We are two hours behind Nashville time). I have seen some of the NCAA pairings…but not a chance to look at the full bracket yet. I guess I will do that after dinner. I would also like to watch the ESPN special on NC State….and their unbelievable run to the Championship in 1983. Barbara and I were in Hawaii…watching the WOLFPACK beat Pepperdine as they began that Journey. (Pepperdine almost beat them). NCSU would take the title that year…a year after Carolina won the title in 1982---a couple of big years for the ACC!

Not sure how many teams that Lipscomb played are in the tourney….I will look at that a little later…I know that Ole Miss, Belmont, FGCU (we beat them twice), Memphis---but who would have thought that another team that beat Lipscomb this year…would not make the field this year---Defending Champion-Kentucky. Most were sure their bubble had busted…this past week,…and it did. Middle Tennessee is the final team getting in the tourney….and I am not to happy with Carolina’s seed…but it happens. Could this be the year---that Belmont get’s a win in the NCAA?

March Madness is in full swing.

Be Liberal with Encouragement

By Jim Burns
Encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
1 Thessalonians 5:11

Mark Twain once said, "I can live two months on one good compliment." People need your praise and affirmation. Be liberal with your gift of encouragement and always be on the lookout for opportunities to lift someone’s spirits.

A woman in my church has a ministry of affirmation. She must have stock in the local stationery store because she is always writing affirming notes. I save those notes, and I’ve received eight this year! Her willingness to praise someone for a job well done or encourage a person who needs a moment of inspiration has given my friend a profound ministry. She'll probably never give a sermon, write a book, or be famous, but I guarantee you that in God's eyes her notes of encouragement are more powerful than almost any sermon you've ever heard.

Is there someone in your life who needs a little affirmation and praise? What better gift to give them than the gift of encouragement!

Hope you enjoyed. I will miss being with my brothers that meet on Monday Morning…for the Monday Morning Quarterbacks…I will be thinking about you and praying with you….we are not a closed group…anyone is welcome to meet with us at 6:30 am on Monday mornings in the Elder Conference Room.

I have posted some pictures on Facebook from the trip. I will continue to most more as the week goes along.

Have a great Journey….

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