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Saturday March 16, 2013

Early morning trip to the airport.....

Barbara, Bethany and I were up this morning and heading to the Nashville Airport (BNA) a little after 4 am for our 6 am flight to Miami...leg one in our Journey to Honduras.

Like most trips...I am usually packing late...and sometimes stay up all night...but last night I tried to get at least 3 hours of sleep...but that doesn't work well when you drink about 6 or more classes of TEA!

I had worked a the office most of the day---and then got home about 4:30--in time to take our recycle to the local Nolensville "dump"---before coming home to begin packing.

I had been keeping an eye or an ear on the SEC Tennessee went down...and Vanderbilt was beginning to send the Cats back to Kentucky! I had the opportunity to go to the SEC games on Thursday night with Chris Sulivan...and we watched as Vandy--held on for a victory over Arkansas.

Justin was handling the play by play for the Lipscomb Baseball team yesterday...and he and Audrey decided to join us for dinner at our newest Nolensville restaurant---McDougle"s Chicken. Since he couldn't meet until after the game, we decided to meet at that allowed us to get most of our packing completed before we left to eat.

This weekend (Sunday March 17th) they celebrate their first wedding we had a gift to share...and they were going to pick up our car at the airport (instead of getting up early to take us) so, we had a key to share.

Meanwhile---UNC was scheduled to tip at 8 we both wanted to get back home to catch the game. The KY-Vandy game and the DOOK-Maryland game were on the TVs at the restaurant---so Justin and I were able to keep an eye on both games....while the girls caught up on other matters!

It was beginning to be a great night....Vandy won with a blow-out and Maryland shocked DOOK again! While Justin and I were watching the games...we were texting back and forth with Benjamin--who had his 3-D classes on watching the ACC tournament in Memphis! Melinda McInteer was texting me from Micky Mouse Land...about Vandy...and Benjamin was excited about DOOK going down.

The Carolina game was late starting....we saw the beginning and then we all headed home to watch the rest of the game...and back to packing
Carolina turned it on in the second half--to get the victory and head to this afternoon's semi-final match-up with Maryland. I am very concerned...because the injury bug got one of our start players...P.J. Hairston--injured his shoulder and got stitches to his hand. A big loss for the Heels.

Back to the packing...I kept trying to pack during the rest of the Carolina game and then it overflowed to the end of the Ole Miss victory over Missouri. I will is much more fun to pack while watching Basketball!

Callie Essex came over to visit they were talking and visiting and making a late night run to Sonic...but I didn't go for a BLAST or another Sonic favorite...instead about Midnight...I went to bed...and the MULTIPLE classes of TEA---had me tossing and turning for over and hour. And when I did get to sleep, I kept waking up every 10-15 minutes...and even woke up at 2:58 am before my 3 am alarm went I could head to the shower---to begin today's Journey.....that by the way included Barbara not having a ticket for the trip

Yes, you heard me right.
We got to the airport...unloaded the luggage---(we are taking extra bags with give away items)---and I went to park the car---and then hustled back so we could arrive at the counter right at 5 am---an hour before our flight was scheduled to leave. Bethany and I checked in with no problem..and we checked four our bags....and then the counter rep---said that Barbara had a reservation and a seat assignment---but no ticket.

Barbara had thought it was a little unusual...that both Bethany and I had gotten reminders yesterday that we could check in for our flight...and she didn't. I just assume she would be in our record locator, etc.

As it was, they had not transferred all of the "American Miles" to her account or ticket---to finish her ticketing process! So, it took a couple of folks working and making phones get the process completed. (About 30 minutes of waiting)---and by the way..they then put a rush on the get them to the plane...and they made sure that the line was not too long at that we would have time to go through the "Body Scan" before heading to C-5 and our full flight to Miami (you can tell it is Spring Break--folks are going everywhere!) We made it to the plan with a little time to spare---and we all three got a good nap or two on the two hour flight to Miami!

By the way, did I tell you that the two bags being checked by Barbara were actually my suitcases!
I hope they made the plane!

We arrived in Miami a little after 9 am local time---and we have about a 4 hour lay we leave for Roatan at 1:00pm. We will arrive there at 1:15pm. That is because we leave EDST....and travel to CST (Honduras is not on Daylight Saving Time!

Tennessee's loss yesterday...might mean their NCAA Bubble is busted! I Hope I get to follow a bracket Sunday night in Honduras. Speaking of is a CLEVER email...that I got from Tommy Clevenger last night:

Somewhere I heard you were vacationing soon. If I understood correctly, you have bought your own island near Honduras. I believe I heard it already has its own luxury resort property. I guess when the stress of work becomes too much you just fly there (your own plane would help with that...just think about it, don't act rashly). I'm envisioning that the lessons you learned in Hawaii and Cancun can help you there! A cool glass of pineapple juice on the beach as the sun sets / walking in the surf with Barbara at sunrise / wondering what your poor and humble congregants were doing / just lots of great things! Are you going to call it "The Isle of Jon", "Barb's Playground", "A Pause in the Big J's Journey", something catchy I am sure! I recommend taking Barbara, Bethany, and Elizabeth there often. I know you would miss the others, but taking two lawyers and a law student??? I'm just not sure how wise that is. But, hey, it's your call. Will you have your own private line of suntan lotion "Seamon's Sizzlers"? Maybe you could invite your loyal readers down for a few days.

On a different front, "The Fish" posted this:

Six Ethics of Life

Before you pray- believe
Before you speak- listen
Before you spend- earn
Before you write- think
Before you quit- try
Before you die- live!!!

I like that.

Well have a great time!

Tommy Clevenger, PE a dear friend...and I appreciate his writing....

As I said is Spring Break...and a lot of folks are heading out for fun and mission trips. Our trip is a mixture...some fun in Roatan...some training and mission work in Honduras...and next weekend a celebration of 10 year at Jovenes en Camino--the boys home that we work with in Honduras. Our board is having a celebration and board meeting there on Saturday.

Here is a note about hundreds of Lipscomb University students heading out on Mission Trips.

400 Volunteers Head Out Across The Globe During Spring Break, March 18-22
If sending mission teams was like playing football, spring break would be Lipscomb’s Super Bowl. This week presents the opportunity for 23 teams and nearly 400 volunteers to serve in nine different countries and seven U.S. cities. The university’s missions focus makes the Lipscomb campus culture unlike any other. Hundreds of faculty and staff have served in missions and local service. Last year, 52 percent of Lipscomb’s May 2012 four-year graduates served at least once with a university missions trip.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Netta Scott and her family in the death of her mother---and to Lawton Miller and Jennifer Jones in the death of their mother---and Brentwood Hills member---Kay Miller.

We continue to have a lot of folks who are struggling with sickness and illness---I especially want to remember Coach Mac as he battles cancer.
Please keep all of these folks in your prayers.

Here is another devotional thought...

No Regrets

By Doug Fields

To answer before listening, that is folly and shame.

Proverbs 18:13

Like most, I have some significant regrets in my life!

I have several verbal regrets. I’ve said things to people I wish I could take back, misguided words that have stung and wounded others. I feel terrible about those moments that I can’t take back.

But I have no regrets in my life over listening!

I’ve never thought, “Why did I pay such good attention to that person? Why was I so patient and empathetic in showing them respect?”

Why? Because listening does not lead to regret!

Are you a world-class listener or are you normally doing all the talking?

Maybe you’re like me and need a little self-assessment that can be assisted by asking a spouse or friend: “Am I a better listener or talker? Do I have a problem with talking too much?”

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years:
• If you interrupt the person before they answer, you may have a problem with listening.
• If you don’t allow people to finish their sentence, you may have a problem with listening.
• If you’re forming a sentence and response while the other person is talking, you need a little help.

The goal of communication is not to jump into the game Outburst while others are talking. The goal is to listen.

If you have a pattern of talking too much and not listening well, you violate intimacy, community, and depth of relationship. It’s a problem that needs to be fixed.
If this describes you, give some thought to the reasons behind why you talk so much. Ask yourself, “What’s behind all the words that violate the power of listening?”

Listening is the language of love. Listening creates value. Listening is a skill to learn. It’s a craft to master. It’s a gift to give. It’s a way to draw close and minister to others.

No regrets.

Have a great week..and I hope to post a Journey or two along the way this week....

And pray...that my suitcase made the Plane!

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