Jonathan's Journey
January 26, 2013

A dry Saturday....after a fews days of cold rain.
Now next week we are going back into he 60's! Spring and Baseball must just be around the corner!

Sitting at the kitchen table looking into the back yard---hoping to see some birds come to the feeder...just a couple have made their way to Barbara's new "Squirrel" free feeder. So far it is working...don't worry, she has left another feeder or two that the squirrels can share with the birds.

Last night was a great Friday night at home by the fire. I am going to have to bring in more wood, I think I have enough for one more fire. My wood box was filled with some great dry, seasoned wood from Dick I have had a lot of good fires so far this winter! Love it!

My dear friends....and fellow Monday Morning Quarterbacker' Al Bradshaw shares this email with us....

WOW! Four journal entries in one week!!! Persistence is its own reward, sometimes. Daily, since Nov. 21, 2012, I expectantly logged onto "Jonathan’s Journal", hoping for some crumb of wisdom or information, but found none — then, Whamm-O — four days in one week!!
I perceive that you are "scratching the bottom of the barrel" for something to write about. Thanks to friend Tom Clevenger, you can almost always count on something from him. If you could use any more material along this line, let me offer you one of my favorite stories; since the topics discussed in the last two messages were concerning history and biographies, let me tell you of one of my early childhood experiences, which can now be classified at "history." (By the way, history books were very thin in my school days...)
This is a story about the changing weather patterns and other phenomena; one of the "Tall Texas Tales", of the "Medicine for the Soul" genre. (Prov. 17:22 & Prov. 13:15)
My dad homesteaded a section of land in Northwest Texas, between Abilene and Lubbock, and attempted to raise cattle, hogs, sheep, chickens, kids, or anything else that had nerve enough to grow in that part of the country. If you've ever lived in those parts, you know something about the weather there. If you haven't lived there, I'll just tell you something about the weather and one particular experience we had with some freakish atmospheric disturbances.
One day in mid-November, it was hot. I mean hot. Like 110 degrees in the shade, and no shade. There were no trees on my Dad's section of land, only some sparse grass, dust, and granite boulders.
We were trying to pump some water for the pigs to wallow in to stay cool, and some to water the livestock. We were sweating as much water as we were pumping. We looked up and there in the north sky was a black cloud...just as black as ink, and it was bearing down on us pretty fast. Dad said, "Son, it's one of them BLUE NORTHERS we've heard about. We'd better get inside."
But before we could get to the house, that norther struck, and I mean, struck hard! The temperature dropped immediately to below zero, and it looked like a real blizzard was upon us. The wind blew so hard, one of the chickens layed the same egg three times. The pig wallow froze solid in no time at all, and even the pig's squeals froze in mid air. The cattle became frozen statues.
There was a flock of crows flying overhead at the time, and they were cawing to beat the band, making an awful fuss, trying to outfly the norther, but it caught them in mid-flight, and they just froze solid where they were, and the caws that came out of their mouths were little black oblong shaped things and they fell all over the ground around us.
Well, we finally got to the house, and Dad told Mother that she'd better get a fire going in the wood stove or we'd all freeze to death. But it had been so hot, we hadn't laid in any firewood, and she didn't have anything to burn in the stove, and there was no wood cut outside.
Dad got the idea that those black things that were coming out of the crow's mouths might just burn, so he told me to go out and pick them up and bring them in. I went out and tried to get them, but they were frozen hard to the ground. I came back in and got an iron bar and pried up a couple of buckets full of them and brought them in. Mom put them in the wood stove and started a fire with them, and they burned read good. Only thing was, when they began to get hot and thaw out, there was such a bedlam of crow caws in that house we couldn't stand it. And it never let up 'till they were all burned up.
Now just in case some of you don't believe this story, I can prove that what I just told you is true. To this day, you will hear the iron bar I used to pry up those crow caws referred to as "CROW BARS."

I love emails to keep writing.

Got a few projects to complete today. Started some winter cleaning yesterday at BHCC---but I didn't finish---it will be a winter long project or should I say a year long project!

Also, working on closing the year end books with Jennie Scott...that usually take a few days!

Had a Bison game Thursday night and another one Allen Arena. Tonight the Lady Bisons and Bisons are "Backing Pat"---to pay honor and tribute to former Tennessee Women's coach---Pat Summit. It should be a fun afternoon and evening...the Lady Bisons play at 4 and the Bisons at 6:30--both teams are going against Mercer University.

This is time to take the Christmas lights off my "bushes" and put them up for the year...I turned them on after Thanksgiving...and burned them until just after the first of the year---but today is the first dry day---that I have been home...when I could box them up. I had hoped for a good snow to burn them this winter...but it hasn't come...and Barbara says it is time to put the lights away!

A trip to the Nolensville "Recycle Center and DUMP" will also be in line this morning...I have a truck load of paper from BHCC to recycle!

After lunch we are going to head to the Heritage Church of Christ in Franklin for the funeral memorial service for Amy Bowman's mother. Her victory over her colon cancer came last week---and today the family will celebrate her life.

A busy Saturday...anticipating a great day at BHCC tomorrow. Then Fellowship Group at our house for lunch...a meeting at Grandview...and then the Lipscomb Academy Chorus will perform at BHCC tomorrow night at 6 pm.

Enjoy the Journey...and remember...that "Once a Bison...always a BISON!"

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen - Matthew 28:20

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