Jonathan’s Journey
Thursday January 17, 2013

As 2012 was ending—I began debating in my mind—the possibility of writing my “Journey” again.

I have used this writing blog for several things…one to tell what I do each day….to often share the thoughts of others…to share and inspirational thought…and to also just share some “babblings”.

The New Year began…and my holiday travels and other events---just kept me pushing the thought of posting new journeys—to the back burner.

However, today I share a text or two with Tommy Clevenger….and I mentioned that I was debating bring the Journey back…and if I did---I would need him and others to share!

Bob Compton even mentioned to Barbara that he had missed the Journey! Well, I am not going to promise writing everyday…but I do think I need to continue to share from my Journey….and today we begin with this message from Tommy….

We have not communicated in a while and I had some things on my mind. – First - Requiem for The Journey

Because I want to always be up on the latest modern trends, I have a Facebook account. Every day, someone posts a picture of something old – a rotary dial phone, JiffyPop, Captain Kangaroo,… you get the idea, and asks “Do you remember this?” (makes one feel old!) and you click “Like” if you remember it. Well I got to thinking – how many out there remember a publication from Brentwood Hills called “Jonathan’s Journey” (or something close to that)? It was a look by an aging minister at his daily life, his family, congregational activities, a basketball team who wore baby blue shorts (who would do that?), mission points, and other fascinating topics. Occasionally it would evoke response from some of the most learned and wise of his followers. It was really a warm and deep anchor in the storms of otherwise turbulent lives. I remember cabanas in Cancun, raincoats at Niagara Fall, and leis in Hawaii. The last I remember, his sons had married two beautiful girls and his daughter was in the early stages of a promising college career. It has been gone for a good while now. I do not know if the aging minister is gone on to his reward or just no longer physically capable of producing his Journey or perhaps the slowly slipping mind that seemed evident back then has deserted him completely. Whatever, if I understood how to use Facebook I would post one of those “Do you remember” things for “Jonathan’s Journey”. I wonder how many “Likes” I would get? Five ? A hundred? A million? Just the musings of an old guy wondering where the thrills of my past have gone.

Speaking of ministerial staff… It is cold in Nashville and we have had a week of rain, sleet, and an occasional snow flurry. It has come to my attention that one member of the staff at my home congregation is in Florida (on the beach I think) under the guise of covering a basketball game on the radio (Babbling Bison just seems so apt!). I believe another member of that staff is at an educational session in Orlando (now who really believes that does not mean a day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom?). I’m just thinking that, today at least, engineering does not appear as attractive as ministerialing. But I am not bitter or jealous, because that would be wrong. I am just reflecting.

Another thought I had. At my home congregation, we are very blessed with and sensitive to children. I am so very thankful for that. Our commitment to being in the Word is so strong that we give a child a Bible at birth, an easy reading Bible at First Grade, a Bible at the time of their baptism, and a pocket New Testament as they leave High School and go out on the next leg of their journey (like how I worked “journey” in?!). I think this is so WONDERFUL. (the preceding was serious, now to other things) But, as a guy approaching retirement age, I’m wondering if, at retirement, we should hand out a Big Letter Bible to the person! I do not need it, but I could mention a few who might (guys with names like Garner, Hunter, Fraser). Just wondering. Maybe a bad idea. (Could you read this or do I need a bigger font?)

At any rate, I hope all is well with you! Perhaps you too remember “Jonathan’s Journey”.

Tom Clevenger

Requiem for The Journey

If you are like me…you might have to go to the dictionary to better understand: Requiem

It is a Catholic Mass term…often called the Requiem Mass—the mass for celebrating the repose of the souls of death…a musical service or hymn for the repose of the dead! A ceremony, A chant, etc.

So…we celebrate the Journey! Hopefully not the end of Journey just yet!

Andy Stanley says that when you have a VISION….you Cast it…You Live it and then you Celebrate It!

We have cast the Journey….
We are living the Journey….
And today we CELEBRATE IT…as it returns!

For it to continue…you will need to share post (emails are great that we can share in the Journey!

This first post of the new year, comes while I am traveling with the Lipscomb University basketball team in Fort Myers, Florida.
We play Florida Gulf Coast tonight at 6:00 pm Nashville time. I anticipate seeing Caleb Betts at the game tonight. He usually stops by when we are playing at FGCU….and he referenced that on Facebook yesterday. Caleb was a great helper during our early days of broadcasting the BHCC church services on AM 1300. He was especially helpful during the years that we worshiped in the Family Life Center!

Now, Jeff Muse is taking the leadership of our broadcast crew. I met with him on Monday of this week---before leaving the cold of Nashville for the warm 80 degrees (yes SUN!) here in the sunshine state!

Jeff is doing a great job, and in the near future he will be holding some meetings…to help get more people involved.

Greg Gough has been working on our video/audio streaming---what is now called If you not checked out our LIVE video/audio broadcast and our recorded events—be sure to check it out on our web site

On the road with the Bisons….I get some extra time for working on BHCC projects…the internet—computers—phones---Facebook—twitter are all a big help!

Practice---shoot around---game prep and pre-game MEAL are all part of the day on the road! By the way Pre-game Meal is less than 30 minutes from now…and then the final prep—before we go on the air at 6 pm tonight on 102.5 FM The Game.

Tomorrow, we bus across the state…heading toe Deland, Fl and a Saturday afternoon game with Stetson.

In between some reading, writing, relaxing, eating….and maybe the posting of Journey II!

Have a great day…stay warm! Enjoy your Journey to the SON!
PS before I got this Journey computer locked up and I had to force closed the document...thinking I would lose it all...but somehow most of the document saved...and I didn't lose the Journey...I was about to think it was the sign not to start back..but instead...the Journey is back!

Requiem for The Journey

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