Jonathan's Journey
October 1, 2012

Assisted Living.

Barbara and I have been in NC for the past couple of days...helping to get mother settled back in at Somerset in Mocksville---following her knee replacement (Sept. 17th).  Mother is doing great, really she has made better progress than I made---when I had mine replaced back in 2008.  

We moved her from the Rehab Hospital back to her assisted living home.  She is getting good movement in her knee and she is walking good.  Sunday we took her to church and today (before we left to head back to Tennessee) we took her out to lunch.

She has PT three days a week with a home nursing group...and she is making great progress.

Meanwhile, we are now in Oak Ridge---helping Barbara's parents make arrangements to move to an assisted living location.  They have signed the lease, and will moving in either this month or next.

Lot of interviews, papers to fill out...and details to take care of to get everyone in assisted living!

Barbara and I are headed back to Nashville on Tuesday.
It is amazing how much work you can get done---with an I-Pad and the internet.  Internet and emailing has changed how we do work!

Did you know that October is one of seven months with 31 days!

Columbus Day is on October 8th!  and Boss Day is October 16th!  Some might say that Halloween--October 31st is Boss Day!

I know it is the start of football season...but really it is time for the Fall Classic...the World Series is just around the corner!

For your information...President Cleveland dedicated the Statue of Liberty on October 28. 1986.  

Fall is in the air...and October begins with a lot of rain. Leaves are changing...we have seen some great colors in the upper elevations on our trip this weekend...we  will check out the trees as we go over the plateau at Crossville--to see if there are some Tennessee Orange Trees...just for Tommy Clevenger.

By the way, my brother Michael--his children Ty and Hannah and I went to the Carolina-Idaho Football game on Saturday....and we sat in the rain all afternoon as Carolina won 66-0...setting a Tar Heel record for the most points every scored!

Chapel Hill, NC is a great place to be on a fall Saturday afternoon.

The Quest continues tomorrow morning....I will miss tomorrow...but I will catch-up this week.  If you still want to join the Quest for Authentic Manhood...join us at BHCC at 6 am on Tuesday mornings!

Have a great will soon be time to rake leaves!

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