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Friday September 7, 2012
Friday Night Lights
I must admit that I miss the years that I spend broadcasting David Lipscomb High School Football (Now Lipscomb Academy) games! Both Justin and Benjamin played for the Mustangs….and our group of Dale Jenkins, Bayron Binkley, Craig Hartline, Burt Nowers (one year Gary Semanchik) had a blast doing the games on the radio and internet!
Tonight the Mustangs play Overton….and I would love to go the game---but we are having an event at our house for Landon Parrish and his bride to be (Anna Waite)---so I will have to wait another week before I can enjoy the “Friday Night Lights”!
However, I thought you might enjoy this article that was in the Tennessean today about BHCC member and Mustang head football coach: Glenn McCadams:
Lipscomb Academy coach
Record: 314-107, 35 seasons
Coaching background:
After spending nine years as an assistant at Milan, McCadams took over the program at neighboring Trenton Peabody and was there for four seasons before coming to Lipscomb in 1982. Since his arrival, the Mustangs have claimed three state championships (1994, 2A; 2002, 2A; 2007, 3A) with four runner-up finishes (1998, 2003, 2005, 2006). He is one of three active 300-game winners in Tennessee, joining Alcoa’s Gary Rankin and Gatlinburg Pittman’s Benny Hammonds.
Playing career: McCadams was a three-sport performer at Huntingdon in West Tennessee but had his football career cut short following a back injury in his junior year. He continued to play baseball and basketball prior to graduating from high school, then played baseball in college at Bethel.
Age: 65
Before taking over the Lipscomb program, McCadams was mentored by three West Tennessee coaching legends. “My high school coach, Paul Ward … taught me to enjoy coaching. He was old-style, he treated you tough, but you knew he cared,” he said. “All of us wanted to be like him. John Tucker, who I was an assistant with at Milan, taught me a good bit about actual coaching. I’d say I probably do a lot of things today that he taught me. We had a lot of success and I learned so much. And then when I left Milan and became coach at Trenton Peabody, Walter Kilzer was one of the most gentlemanly football coaches of all time. He took me under his wing.”
During the late 1980s and early ’90s, there were three generations of McCadamses on the Lipscomb sideline. “One of my favorite memories would be when my daddy (Jesse) used to drive up here from Huntingdon by himself to watch his grandson play,” Glenn said. Hunter McCadams played quarterback for the Mustangs, graduating in 1992. “… And for him to say one time, in my presence, to my son, ‘You know, you’re better than your daddy was. He just thought he was good.’ One time, Hunter got his chin busted open and was in the training room getting stitches, with my daddy watching. That was special.”
McCadams isn’t exactly what you’d call high-tech. He doesn’t own a cellphone (Neither does Overton’s Terry Anderson, this week’s coaching opponent). “I see people with cellphones, always talking on them, and I’m sure it makes their life more organized, but I think it’s like a computer,” he said. “It doesn’t always make life simpler; sometimes it makes it more complicated and faster. I found I could do my job without a cellphone. I do have an answering machine now. Just leave me a message and I’ll call back when I can — or when I want to. At my convenience.”
McCadams knows he’s closer to the end of his coaching career than the beginning, but he hasn’t made any retirement plans yet. “I take it a year at a time,” he said. “I’ve got to consider my health, with my diabetes. I’ve got to consider my ‘want-to’ — am I really feeling up to continuing to work with the kids and my staff? I’ve got the best coaching staff in the whole world. They shore me up, hold me up. They cover for me. I have no determination that this is my last year or anything like that.”
Coach Mac and I go back many years….since his early days at Lipscomb and my days of working with athletics on the university side. He served on our Athletic Committee for years…and we were always helping each other with facility issues.
I miss my Thursday morning or afternoon interview sessions with the coach! We have had some great times! I wish him and the Mustangs the best tonight

Have a great Journey this weekend…Our Habitat for Humanity Build begins this weekend…and the QUEST for Authentic Manhood begins on Tuesday!
It is Friday and Sunday is coming….have a great Journey!

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