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Tuesday September 4, 2012
Summer is over….I guess…at least that is what they tell us….Memorial Day Weekend begins the summer vacation time and Labor Day ends the summer vacation time….fall will soon be in the air…football is here….school is back in session…fall events are scheduled…and Christmas decorations are going up in every store in America!
So, let’s get ready to rumble…as we roll into the fall…starting at Grandview:
Well, summer is over and it's almost time for Tuesday night classes to begin again at Grandview! We are excited for the start of the fall semester, and we wanted to update everyone as to what's happening. Registration is tomorrow night, Sept. 4, from 5:00 till 7:30. Thanks to the help of Marisela and Rashell, letters have been sent out to all our former students. Roberto has also arranged for newspaper and radio advertising.

English classes begin next Tuesday night, Sept.11, and computer classes will begin the following Tuesday. We are excited about also offering tutoring for elementary age children and high school students (in the sciences). Our fall session will consist of 10 classes, with the last one being on November 13.

David Ayes, and many Lipscomb University students, have arranged to offer free health screenings during our registration on Tuesday night. We hope this health fair will help bring in additional students to sign up for classes.

If you are one of our teachers and we have not already contacted you, we will be doing so after registration. We hope to have a good idea of how many students we'll have by then, but sometimes they wait until the first night of classes to show up. So, we'll just have to be flexible!

We're looking forward to working with each of you again!

Dick and Jan
John Young shared some broadcast news with me today…he is always keeping me up to date on what is happening in the industry. Today…Channel 5, one of my former employers was SOLD:

MILWAUKEE (Sept. 4, 2012) – Journal Communications, Inc. (NYSE:JRN) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin announced today that its Journal Broadcast Group subsidiary has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase WTVF NewsChannel 5 Network, a CBS-affiliated station with an ancillary news and digital channel as well as a market leading internet property, owned by Landmark Media Enterprises, LLC ("Landmark") for $215 million in cash plus a working capital adjustment at closing. Closing is subject to FCC approval.
“We are especially pleased to reach an agreement to purchase NewsChannel 5 in Nashville,” said Steven J. Smith, Chairman and CEO of Journal Communications. “This station will be a cornerstone asset within Journal Communications. WTVF TV is an exceptional local news station with an extraordinary staff that demonstrates its commitment to Nashville every single day. We are delighted to welcome NewsChannel 5's outstanding team to Journal.”
Frank Batten, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Landmark, said, “We are extremely proud of what our News Channel 5 team has achieved. We are pleased that, in Journal, we have a buyer with a great culture and excellent opportunities for our employees to grow.”
NewsChannel 5 Network consists of NewsChannel 5 (WTVF), NewsChannel 5+, a This TV affiliate (D3) and, a market leading local digital news site. NewsChannel 5+ broadcasts on the D2 frequency offering the only original, local content produced exclusively for the digital channel. WTVF is the ratings and revenue market share leader in the Nashville market, as well as one of the top three CBS affiliates in the nation based on CBS ratings in metered markets.
WTVF provides the Nashville market with award winning news programming, top-rated local content and leading weather reporting. The station has been recognized nationally on numerous occasions including: a 2012 DuPont, 2011 National Headliner, 2012 winner of 10 regional Emmy awards, 2011 NPPA National Photographer of the year, and 2011 winner of five AP Awards including Best Investigation.
Nashville (DMA #29) has a strong local economy driven by large resilient industries including healthcare, education, government, entertainment, publishing and insurance. As home to Vanderbilt University and 20 other accredited four-year and postgraduate institutions as well as numerous recorded music and music publishing companies, Nashville enjoys a young vibrant population. These factors have allowed Nashville to outpace the GDP growth of both Tennessee and the U.S. while also experiencing lower unemployment than Tennessee and the country as a whole.
The transaction will be structured as a purchase of stock but will be treated as a purchase of assets under Federal tax rules. The Company intends to fund the acquisition using available cash on hand and drawing from its revolving credit facility. In connection with the execution of the acquisition agreement, the Company has received commitments from certain of its banks to allow the Company to exercise the "accordion" feature in the credit facility, resulting in a total capacity of $325 million.
“We are excited to add a top television station with a high performing team in one of the best markets in America to Journal’s TV and radio portfolio," said Andre Fernandez, Journal's President and CFO. "This acquisition also allows us to broaden our TV base with a high quality television asset, and is consistent with our strategy of increasing Broadcast’s overall contribution to Journal’s earnings and cash flow."

Still a lot of talk this morning about the wonderful celebration that we had last Friday for Sara Walker. We continue to keep Brian, Camden , Scott and the entire family in our prayers. If you would like to view the service, click on the listen live icon on our web site…and go to some of our past services that are stored on Ustream and you can watch the service from Friday.
There are also several new post on Sara’s Caring bridge web site----here are a couple:
Sara's Celebration of Life

In reading the most recent comments on this website, I noticed someone had difficulty watching Sara's memorial service online.

No, it was not for local viewing! It was seen across the world in New Zealand!!!

I hope this will allow any of you that wish to see her service.

• Written Sep 2, 2012 12:10pm
"Red and orange and yellow
green and blue and purple.
God made the rainbow bright and beautiful.

The rainbow is a promise, promise, promise.
The rainbow is a promise, sent from God above.

He said the storm is over, over, over.
He said the storm is over.

I'm sending you My love."

Unity cemetery in Howell, TN, is nestled between rolling hills and surrounded by green pastures. A small, century old, stone fence surrounds the cemetery, protecting those that are in their resting place. The sky was bluer than I could ever remember on Friday, with patches of white puffy clouds and the sun shining so bright.

As I sat in the row of chairs at Sara's burial site, clinging to my sweet two year old in my lap, I bowed my head along with many others present as Walt Leaver said the final prayer for Sara and our family on Friday's memorial service. I could not help but notice the sound of millions of raindrops bouncing off of the canopy overhead that protected Sara's grave site and casket. My mind then began to praise our Father for raining down His love on us all at that very moment. When Walt finished his prayer, the rain ceased...

Fast forward to about an hour later. Many of us who came to Sara's burial were seated at tables inside the fellowship hall located at my Grandaddy's church in Howell, TN. I was sitting at a table full of my and Sara's college friends. We were laughing as we talked about our fun memories of Sara. Then, my father came to me and whispered in my ear, "Dinah, look out the window. There is a rainbow that is exactly where Sara rests."

As my eyes filled with tears, I walked outside to see the most beautiful rainbow arching down toward the cemetery. Words failed me at that moment, and all I could think of was the bible class song that my toddler and I used to sing. How simple are those words, but how perfect they were at that very moment!

Sara and Brian, Camden, Scott, and our entire family have been through a terrible storm since December 2010. God DID NOT create the storm, but God DID walk with each of us every day until the storm was over! He showed all of us that day in His beautiful rainbow that, yes, this storm is over. I believe Sara asked Him to send us that rainbow to let us know that she was sending us her love.

I want to thank all of you for helping us through this storm of life. Yes, the storm caused serious damage. Yes, there is work to be done to pick up the pieces and repair our broken hearts.

But THIS STORM is OVER! Sara is the victor! God blessed all of us along the way and our faith in Him is stronger. We have learned to completely lean on His everlasting arm.

No matter what storm goes on in your life, don't ever let it distance you from Our Loving Father. He wants to guide you and help you in any way that you will allow. HE WILL GET YOU THROUGH THE STORM!

I can't help but think of the words to one of my favorite church hymns.
So, I'll close with these precious words:

"When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed.
When you are discouraged, thinking all is lost.

Count your many blessings, name them one by one
And it will surprise you what the Lord has done."

Our gracious, loving Father,

We have praised you in this storm! You have been our protector and perfecter of our faith. Thank you for your gift of life. Thank you for your gift of hope. You have been with us every step of this long, treacherous journey. And you have brought us to the other side. No, it was not the outcome that we desired. However, we know it was the outcome You desired and we trust Your perfect will.

Please continue to be with us as we embark on this new life without our sweet Sara. She will be greatly missed by all, but we know this earthly life without her is temporary. Praise God that His children can enter the gates of heaven! Watch over us on this earth the remainder of our days and let us never forget the power of your sacrifice for our sins.

In Your son's most holy name,


Here are a couple of emails we got at BHCC this weekend….
From New Zealand I want to send my appreciation to the congregation at Brentwood Hills for beaming the Celebratory service for Sara.. In N.Z., there was good reception apart from two or three breaks of a couple of minutes duration.. Since then, we have watched again courtesy of the video that was produced...My connection to Sara goes back to the very beginning of her life.. As you perhaps know, she was born in N.Z. whilst her parents were on mission work.. I was one of the folk who responded to the invitation of the 1976 Campaign for Christ in Mangere, Auckland..I had spent my life in the Anglican church, along with my wife.. She had found the C of C congregation near our home and had commenced attending there along with our two daughters..One night she asked me to go along to one of the Campaign meetings, I could even stay backstage if I didn't feel like getting 'involved'.. {here I will leave out the happenings of the next two weeks} During those two weeks, a whole lot of too-ing and fro-ing, considering this and that, mulling things over with my wife.. What happened was that I was baptised into Christ and I met with Jody and Carol Pigg with whom I started Bible study..Skip a couple of years and along came baby Sara, the sweetest little baby imagineable.. With my own two daughters, she made a formidable trio of beauty..Jody and Carol had approx 8 months before returning to the U.S, and during that
8 months I spent a whole lot of time holding baby Sara, at worship times and home visits, at every conceivable opportunity I would hold her...Because her blood grandparents were at home in the U.S.,I became her surrogate grand-father and this continued until their departure..One odd/loveable habit that Sara had, was to hold her little face close to mine and on one occasion she started to suck my cheek...From that time on, I washed my face at least three times before putting on aftershave, it seems that she had taken a liking to Lapidus after-shave !!! I have since addressed mail to Sara as her adopted GF, she on the other hand referred to me as her New Zealand GF...It was a title that gave me a lot of pleasure, my wife and I had grown to love her from afar...We do have one grandson of our own living in Bowling Green, KY and another in Ohio and we have visited BG and Nashville often over the years but were not aware that Sara was in Nashville, hence we missed the chance to visit...She will leave an indelible mark, for you guys in the U.S. but also in New Zealand where incidentally she had been planning to bring Brian to show him the beautiful land of her birth..She was one of Gods gifts to us...Now at home with the Lord...Again let me thank you for allowing me to feel a part of Sara's celebration...Love in Christ. Tony

Good Morning,

I watched the service for Sara Walker yesterday. I didn't know Sara but learned of her story through some friends and have followed her blog through her journey. I was touched by a couple of songs in the service yestereday. The first was the one that Sara's friend wrote for her and was played during the slide show. Is there anywhere that this song can be downloaded or purchased. It was beautiful! The other one was a song that you sang as a congregation. It was called Day by Day. Would there be any way I could get a copy of that song? I would love for our congregation to learn it.

Thank you so much for broadcasting her service. If possible, please thank her family as well for sharing her service with so many people, many like myself, who never even met Sara, but have been touched forever by her example. They will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you,
Melissa Orr
Franklin, TN
There have been hundreds of other comments---many posted on Sara’s blog. I know that her life will impact thousands for years to come!
This morning has felt like Monday all over again!
It is hard when Tuesday is the first work day of the week.
We had a great weekend. Friday after Sara’s service---we headed to Memphis (Barbara, Bethany and I) to visit with Elizabeth and Benjamin. We had not seen them since the wedding! They returned from their Honeymoon---moved straight to Memphis, while we were out of the country on our Honduras trip!
Liz and Benj had a great dinner cooked when we arrive at their apartment! They have a nice place in Memphis and are settling in…as Liz is teaching school and Benjamin is in his second year of Law school at the University of Memphis.
We enjoyed dinner, watched the Tennessee-NC. State game! Football is here!
Saturday morning, Barbara got up and fixed breakfast---waffles and the trimmings! We then headed to Graceland---to see if Elvis has really left the building! Elizabeth had never been to Elvis’s home or the tourist attractions in Memphis---and Benjamin was young when we visited there years ago…so we decided to check out the “Kling of Rock’nRoll”!
A late afternoon Bar B Q lunch/dinner was just what we needed before we headed out to the Delta Fair! The Delta Fair was located in Germantown---near their apartment---a cross between the State Fair and the Wilson County Fair.
We enjoyed a Demolition Derby, some BNX bike riders, a little wrestling! And a few other exhibits…before a BIG RAIN came! We stayed in an exhibit hall until the rain passed…and then headed back to the apartment…where Benjamin and Elizabeth wanted to play some Phase 10. Liz is competitive---and she took us all to the cleaners!
Sunday morning we worshiped at Highland. (I hope as we make several trips to Memphis over the next two years---that I can visit with several churches in the Memphis Area---it is always good to get out and see other churches, etc.). They have visited different churches…but they really like Highland.
We drove back to Nashville Sunday afternoon, in time to make the Grief Class on Sunday night. I had to stop and pick up some items after church…for our Labor Day outing to Sparta, TN! (Woody and Mary Kate Fisher---and Barclay always host us for a Labor Day Dove Hunt!)
After shopping, I got home, ate a little and then settled in to watch the final laps of the NASCAR race from Atlanta. I fell asleep….waking up just in time for the white/checker flag final! Exciting!
(by the way did I mention that Carolina opened the football season with a 62-0 win over ELON!)
Monday, Barbara got up did some cooking….I got our things packed…and we then went to pick up Justin and Audrey to head out to Sparta! It rained on us much of the way, but when we got to the farm…the weather was perfect. We had a great lunch, and a good afternoon of fellowship! The birds were flying the shots were ringing out…and when it was all said an done…there were still plenty of birds left for the next hunt!!!
But we had a great time!
For Barbara and I ….it was a great weekend with all of our children. Everyone is happy! We had a blast together…and late last night…Bethany headed back to the dorm at Lipscomb….and Barbara and I were back to our empty nest!
And time for all of us to get some rest…before heading back to work today…as our Journey to the SON continues….

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