Jonathan's Journey
Saturday August 25, 2011

Writing is not my best quality

I guess you could say, I am not sure what my best quality is?  I love to have a Journey...I used to think I enjoyed writing.  I am sure people don't like to know my play by play of my I am trying to find ways to share little stories or information that I come across in my Journey.  That might be worth reading.

So, the big question---I guess it do I discipline myself to write.

Is it a time issue?  Is it motivation? Is it material?

I try to tell my self that it is time...that I am so busy that I just don't have the time to write.  I am sure it is more accurate finding the time or should I say taking the time or using my time more wisely.

My last writing came during our trip to Honduras.  There I would force myself to stay up late or get up that I could write a few that the folks back home, could follow our trip.

yes, I wish I was good enough to write a lot, find interesting articles to share and post lots of pictures...but for that I must get more knowledge!  

During Camp, I wanted to write more, but there with all the duties (some would say too many nap)..I just struggled finding the time to write...or as I would put it---by the time I got ready to write...I was just too tired!

I have wondered if next year---(changes are being made---and I am stepping away as director of camp---if I could go and just be the camp blogger.  No responsibilities---just a corner of camp to watch and write!)

Here is an email that I sent out to our camp staffs yesterday...outlining our new Student Ministry Organizations and some of our plans for camp next year.  I have had a great 26 years...and you know I will always love and support camp:

Camp 2012 - Junior Staff at Brentwood Hills Church of Christ\Senior Camp Staff:
Message from: Jonathan Seamon

It is back to school time!  But hopefully there is still some remembrance of BHCC XXVI!  I pray some new guardrails are in place for our campers…and for us adults also!
Thank you again for all of your help at BHCC XXVI.  We can’t make camp happen without a lot of volunteer support.
If you were at Brentwood Hills on Sunday, August 19, you heard the exciting news about our new Student Ministry Team.  I’m so happy that Bert, Robbie, Rachel, and Josh will be leading our Student Ministry (5th-university).
Suzanne and her team of Kristin Green (Administrative Assistant) and Lance High (Children’s Worship Training) and an army of volunteers will be working hard for our Children’s Ministry (birth-4th grade).
I have the daily privilege of directing and supervising our staff which includes working with both our Children’s Ministry Team and Student Ministry Team.
Today I’m pleased to share with you that that planning, organization, and implementation of Brentwood Hills Christian Camp (both Junior and Senior) is being shifted from the Church-Wide Events Ministry Team and my direction to our new Student Ministry Team.
That team, under the direction of Bert Paddock, will help to take camp to the next level – and truly we can say the best of BHCC is yet to come!
Our Student Ministry and Children’s Ministry Teams will work closely together to develop our camps for the future.  You will hear more from them in days to come.
It has been a blessing in my life and for my family to be part of Brentwood Hills Christian Camp for the past twenty-six years.  We have worked with hundreds of great staff members in touching the lives of thousands!  Camp will always have a special place in my heart, and I will continue to support and be involved in the days to come.
Thank you for allowing me to be part of this ministry.  I look forward to hearing the plans for BHCC XXVII!  I hope your schedules will allow you to be part of camp next year.  I deeply appreciate each of you and your willingness to serve at camp.
Thanks for a great journey!  I know many campers and staff have “gone home a little better than they came!”
Continue to share Light and Love on your Journey to the Son!

I must share this story....Mary...a Group Ticket Specialist with American Airlines that I have worked with for over 15 booking my tickets for our annual Honduras Trip...always shares with me stories of is one that she sent me this week:

During the ‘chik fil-a’ day, my Grandbabies 5 and 7, were waiting in line with their Daddy in the drive thru.
Mimi, 7, was reading a book, Jacob, 5, was bored and wiggling around, whining tell Dad, “I’m bored, this is taking too long”.
“let’s go eat somewhere else”
Dad explained  to him they were there to support the owners who are Christians, but that didn’t fly with Jacob. He kept whining and lying down on the seat, pushing Dad’s seat with his feet, etc  “Daddy, I’m tired of waiting”
Mimi had enough!

What a great story...and what a lesson for our children.

This morning I have enjoyed sitting on the deck at Mark and Melinda McInteer lake house...thinking, writing, reading...and now talking with others.

Since Camp 2012---I have enjoyed Benjamin and Elizabeth's wedding (we have not seen them since the wedding...but we hope to journey to memphis Labor Day Weekend to visit with them!--then there was Honduras...and our vacation with Bethany and the McInteer's to Hawaii!  What a great trip!
Now, we are back to work...and it has been 24-7 of meetings...meetings to plan meetings and meetings to meet!

I know that Tommy is sitting by his computer with his fingers ready to share some great information...and hope some more will do the same!

It is a beautiful August Saturday...Bristol Race weekend--Little League World Series Championship game---and we getting ready for college football to begin next week---and the Labor Day Holiday is coming up next...but today...a relaxing day at the Lake with the McInteer and others (you know Bethany went to college as soon as we returned home from Hawaii---so we are officially "Empty Nesters"!) as we enjoy life as just a couple!

Tomorrow we will be back at BHCC...a combined Adult Sunday School Class and a White Bucket Collection....

It’s Friday and Sunday’s coming!
Brother Norman Keener used to share that thought with our staff on Friday mornings as we gathered for prayer!  What a blessing that we can gather and worship together on Sunday!
This Sunday, August 26, our adult Sunday school classes will meet in the main auditorium at 9:15 a.m. for a combined class, led by Walt Leaver.  The Fall Quarter for all children’s, youth, and adult classes will begin Sunday, September 2.  A list of classes and locations will be published next week in the Daily Sonshine, on the website, in a brochure, and in the weekly Highlights.  Please make your plans to join us this Sunday for our combined adult class in the Main Auditorium.  Children’s and Youth classes will meet as scheduled this week.
This Sunday we will also have a “white bucket” collection to help fund our upcoming Habitat for Humanity house.  More information about the Habitat build will be shared Sunday morning.  Sign-up for working on the project, which begins the weekend of September 8 and 9, continues in the foyer.  “White buckets” can be found at all entrances to our main auditorium, or you can hand your donation to a staff member or send it to the Brentwood Hills office.
Men can still sign up on Sunday for the Quest for Authentic Manhood, which begins Tuesday, September 11.  Please fill out a card and place it in one of the containers at the special table in the foyer.
Have a great weekend!  We look forward to gathering as a family to worship on Sunday!
Continue to share Light and Love on your Journey to the SON!

Have a great Journey and...yes I will try to write again...SOON!

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