i love to go to Honduras...I hate to leave...but I am always glad to get everyone home safely!

It is a great feeling when the plane touches down in Nashville--reunions with families, luggage all arrives and everyone heads home!

Thanks to Michael Linn for making two late night or earlhy morning runs to the airport to help transport people and luggage.

Yesterday's group had to sit on the plane in Teg---for about 1 1/2 hours...not as bad as a couple of years ago--but I did have some flashbacks!

The NEW Customs area in Miami...opened yesterday---and it made for a faster trip through Miami. Our plane to Nashville was about 45 minutes late...so for most of us...it was about 12:30 am---to 1:00 am before we arrived home and found our own beds!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers, your help, your support and your love.

We helped many of our old friends and a lot of new friends in Honduras. The three houses--the playground at Jovenes---the food, the clothes, the buckets---and a lot of hugs and love.

Another playground kit will be installed this week by our friends in Honduras!

Mission Accomplished!

For Osmond--who was baptized---and for our other friends and fellow Christians in Honduras...we pray daily. I wear my bracelet from Filippe to remind me daily of my friends in Honduras!

I talked to Ronald late yesterday and he was so thankful for all we did...as were the other folks in Honduras.

I understand that several of our trip members will be posting a lot of pictures on their Facebook pages...and hopefully on the BHCC Facebook page!

I will try to post more news in the future...including what Paul Craig learned in Honduras!

Back to work for most today...plenty to do at home and church...and then pack for a little R and R! Wow! Thanks!

Here is an email from TOMMY---that I couldn't post from Honduras:

I hope things are well there. I read your Journey about the container. Bummer!

In reviewing past Journeys from Honduras, I am amazed at all the good works going on. Hard work obviously. However, as I read about your personal role, I see a lot about transporting folks and eating. While I am sure you are good at organizing buses and restaurants, it just isn't what I pictured. Now that I think about it, you might consider a career as a tour guide. "Everyone have your luggage in the lobby by 7. We'll be leaving for the chocolate factory by 7:30."

I am hesitant to tell you this, but your family seems to have big plans. With two lawyers already and another in training, they seem to be looking for ways to streamline the Seamon household. They hope to add wings to your house, one for Justin and Aubry and one for Benjamin and Elizabeth. That will allow consolidation of expenses. Well, actually, it will allow you to cover all utilities and food. But, you get all the free legal advise you want!

I ate at church Wednesday night. I am again amazed at your selfless generosity! I found all your office stuff in the parking lot under a tarp. Suzanne was supervising tearing down the walls between your offices. She said you planned it so she could have more space. She thinks you will be operating out of your truck. I believe she said that you were always just going to meetings anyway!

Well, I am sure it is time you organized tonight's visit to the local Ruth Chris Steakhouse, so I'll sign off. Have fun and send us some more of your newly mastered Spanish!

PS: tell Ronald hello!

Tommy Clevenger
Adios and enjoy your Journey to the SON!

Heading to the Islands! ALOHA!

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