I got a text late last night that the first group leaving Honduras...was delayed in Miami...but were boarding the plan for home...hoping to be in by midnight last night. I pray they arrived safely...and are sleeping in this morning!

Our second group...had a great day in Honduras.
We finished the playground.
Organized give away items for the Kennedy Church...
Went back to Limoncilo to deliver buckets and clothes...
finished the Jovenes en Camino Playground...along with other projects!

A great closing meal together...and then...we went the the Hotel Pool..where one of our Honduran helpers and friend--A little boy who has helped us since he was small...Osmond---Junior's brother was baptized by Filipe! A great way to end the day and our trip.

Up early this morning to pack, pay the bill, load the bus, have a devotional at Baxter and to the airport to head back home to the USA!

I understand there is some big sporting event...called the Olympics going on...not much to watch here...but they are aware that HONDURAS beat SPAIN in soccer!

Thanks for everyone's prayers...and your support.
Adios for now...enjoy the experience of the JOURNEY!
A Journey to the SON!

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