I am up early today...as the sun has not risen in Honduras...but the SON is shining brightly.

Our container (known here as WALDO---Where is the World are you WALDO?)---has arrived and had been unloaded at Jovenes en Camino. We had hoped that it would arrive in time for our crew to get some of the items to Limoncilo---but it was after 1:30 pm on Saturday before we had position of the items.

While most of our group was conducting a VBS, handing out food and helping with a dental and medical brigade in our adopted village of Limoncilo---a group of abut 12 of our men were preparing the ground for our playground at Jovenes and were unloading the container.

We had hoped to build the playground at a nearby school---but at the last minute---we ran into some problems with the school officials---so we moved the playground to the Jovenes property.

It is our desire to finish the playground with our crew today and tomorrow.

Some of our group will visit their homes today...and the Valley of the Angels...and some to Jovenes. Tomorrow part of our team leaves for home...and the rest of our team will be working on sorting and preparing our items in the container for distribution by Ronald Million and others on the ground here in Honduras.

Our group will worship today at the Kennedy Church. It has been a trip with a lot of problems to overcome, schedules to change etc---but it has been a good trip.

We still have several busy days ahead for us all...as we work to serve the people of Honduras. We will have lots of pictures and stories to share when we return home.

The time is ticking away...so I must get to work...we have another full day planned in Honduras.

Our Journey continues....Adios

PS...We have had a couple "in the box"---(getting sick)---but we are working to make everyone be comfortable.

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