Jonathan's Journey
Friday Night July 27, 2012

Another great day in Honduras.

We had crews at three work sites and another crew working on projects at Jovenes en camino.  Houses were finished, a house painted, doors installed at Jovenes, a VBS with over 100 children and much more....

We also got word...that after a third tax...and removing all the items from our container a couple of times...finally it was released.  We believe the container will travel early tomorrow (Saturday) to we are moving forward as tho it will be there tomorrow....and we have crews ready to unload, to begin building the playground....while we moved items to LIMONCILO for our medical brigade.

So, we have a busy day ahead...and I have to be up before 5:30 to get things rolling...I hope to post more tomorrow night!  Keep praying for the container to be delivered Saturday morning....

I am getting some limited emails is  message from Tommy Clevenger:

I hope things are well there. I read your Journey about the container. Bummer!

In reviewing past Journeys from Honduras, I am amazed at all the good works going on. Hard work obviously. However, as I read about your personal role, I see a lot about transporting folks and eating. While I am sure you are good at organizing buses and restaurants, it just isn't what I pictured. Now that I think about it, you might consider a career as a tour guide. "Everyone have your luggage in the lobby by 7. We'll be leaving for the chocolate factory by 7:30."

I am hesitant to tell you this, but your family seems to have big plans. With two lawyers already and another in training, they seem to be looking for ways to streamline the Seamon household. They hope to add wings to your house, one for Justin and Aubry and one for Benjamin and Elizabeth. That will allow consolidation of expenses. Well, actually, it will allow you to cover all utilities and food. But, you get all the free legal advise you want!

I ate at church Wednesday night. I am again amazed at your selfless generosity! I found all your office stuff in the parking lot under a tarp. Suzanne was supervising tearing down the walls between your offices. She said you planned it so she could have more space. She thinks you will be operating out of your truck. I believe she said that you were always just going to meetings anyway!

Well, I am sure it is time you organized tonight's visit to the local Ruth Chris Steakhouse, so I'll sign off. Have fun and send us some more of your newly mastered Spanish!

PS: tell Ronald hello!

Tommy Clevenger, PE

Have a  great Journey...and keep praying.

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