Forty (40) of our 65 team members arrived safely in Honduras Tuesday (mid-day). A great group of friends from Honduras were at the airport to greet our team. After lunch at Burger King, we were off to the James Moody Adams clinic for a devotional and informational session and then we went straight to work.
Unloaded suitcases, backed food bags and checked out our building sites.
After checking in at the hotel, we had dinner at el Corral and then headed in for an early night.
Ronald Million is still chasing down the container. Our prayer is that it will be brought to Jovenes today.
We will begin work at three house sites today...and I will be at the airport to pick up the remaining 25 team members and I will put them straight to work!

I usually check email early in the morning and late at night. I will try to do morning and sometimes evening updates to this page and my Jonathan's Journey!

We are busy here in Honduras...Our time is one hour behind Nashville it 6:38 and I need to go and meet the troops for breakfast...and make sure everyone is heading out in the right direction.


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