Jonathan's Journey
July 8, 2012

Happy Anniversary.

Let me begin by saying Happy Anniversary to my wonderful wife of 34 years...Barbara.  Again this year, like we have for many years---we have spent our Anniversary with our big extended family---Brentwood Hills Christian Camp!

Our Senior week began we kicked off our 26th year.

We began the night with an opening ceremony that included the dedication of Bob's Kitchen in memory of Bob Forrester!  A lot of folks have worked in the kitchen...and a lot of folks have worked with Bob in the Kitchen---and I think everyone was pleased that we honored Bob with the naming of the Kitchen after Bob.

I will post later the comments I had this evening---prior to the dedication.
After the dedication---Zack Green and Mark McInteer led worship as we kicked off our theme of Guardrails.

I had told the campers that they had the right to hold me accountable this week. Mark took it literally---and showed a blown up picture of me (well you can't prove it was me---but I know it was me) driving Mark's truck in Oak Ridge, TN (we had gone to pick up a bed) driving 46 in a 35 mph speed zone...and they took a picture---sent it to mark...and he nailed me tonight!  What a great object lesson.  I hope it impacts the campers as the week goes by!

I owe Mark some money for the tickets, and more than that---I own him a lot for his friendship, his sharing at camp and what he means to me as an individual!  He is a great servant of God!

After the message---Jack Terry, John Allen Keith and Carson Freund were baptized!  What a great way to begin camp.  Capture the Flag and a staff meeting followed...then we kicked off Guardrails...with an opening segment from Andy Stanley...a late night snack....and then we headed to the cabins...just as the rain began to fall.  It has been raining for almost an hour and a half.   Last night we got rain for about two hours....and it looks like we could get a lot of rain tonight....and we are all thankful because we need the rain!

Well,  I need to go check the camper....and get ready for bed. I will try to post more our Journey to the Son continues at BHCC XXVI!

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