Jonathan's Journey
July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

i hope you are having a great 4th!  We are having a HOT time at camp!  It is hotter than a firecracker on the 4th of July!

Speaking of Firecrackers---due to the extreme heat and the dry conditions---Dickson County Officials and Camp Leatherwood Officials have cancelled our FIREWORKS for this year.

I am sorry about the problem, but we must abide by the recommendations of the Board of Directors and the county and state officials.

We will try again next year!

Camp has been going we learn about the ROAD and the GUARDRAILS that protect us from harm.  We are working to GUARD our HEART---for everything you do flows from it!

Our Waterslide was a big hit!  Everyone enjoyed a few rides down the "wet slope"!  It is going to be hot this afternoon and more water games are in our future!

Here are some emails I want to share:

THIS IS AN OLD FROM TOMMY:  (NOT AN OLD TOMMY---just an email I haven't posted:
I enjoyed today's Journey. The only problem was I let the voice in my head be yours as I read and I dozed off twice during your sermon (or whatever you call it). I was just glad you used the letters from FUTURE and not DAVID LIPSCOMB CAMPUS SCHOOL MUSTANG CLASS OF 2012. You'd still be talking! But it was a very well done little sendoff.

The video of VBS was really neat. Did Bill Pauley just come for the cookies and Kool Aid or because he remembers Babylon when Daniel was there? Just askin' !

Well camp is just around the corner. You need to practice with your bullhorn.  I also thought you might visit the Sunday School classes and get a few jokes to kick the morning off. If you would let me know when Oreo Delight will be served, I'd like to try to come up for supper.

Really I hope everything else goes great this summer. Isn't it about time to marry off someone else in your family? A sit down steak dinner for all guests would be nice. If not, at least go with the Planters Cashews. Or do I need to be talking to Trey?

Looking forward to hear more about life in your Journeys!

Tommy Clevenger, PE

I have been getting a lot of TEXT, Tweets and emails...about the death of Andy Griffith!  An American icon has passed away, but he will live on with TAGS (The Andy Griffith Show) re-runs.

Thanks for all of the great messages and post.  Really busy here at camp and hard to find time to check them all out!

More from Tommy Clevenger....

I've been thinking of you and the loss of Mayberry today. I watched videos of Andy and the Darlings singin'. Sorta made me think of listening (and singing really quietly so I didn't disturb anyone) to Alan on his guitar and Kerry on his banjo. Folks with beautiful voices singing with them. I kind of think there will be a corner of heaven where that goes on! Maybe God will even give you and me great voices there! I miss that part of camp. I thought that was what sent a little shudder through system, but it turned out I had the air conditioner down too low. By the way, how is the weather there?

Tomorrow is Independence Day. I'm going to wear my big Uncle Sam hat. Have you got a good chapeau?

Gotta go crawl under the blanket to sleep. Sound the bullhorn loud in the morning in my honor. And tell the cooks to bring us home some Oreo Delight!

God bless y'all and God bless America!

Tommy Clevenger, PE

Here is a nice email that I got this week...from Brant Lathem who is working at camp this week with his wife Dana!  They are doing a great job in the Kitchen1

It is about time for lunch...I have to hurry to post this and get to work.  We have jobs at camp...and you can't be LATE!

Have a great Journey to the Son!!!

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