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Monday, May 28, 2012

Today is a day that we remember...all of the men and women that gave their lives for our freedom.  
It is a pleasure and to honor these soldiers...and also to give our support to the men and women who are protecting us today!

This weekend also marks the beginning of the summer....the busiest time of the year for me!  I tell my accountant friends that I am about to enter my tax season....VBS, Camps, Mission Trips...two months of 24-7!

It comes on the heel of a busy spring...Justin's wedding, Bethany's graduation and the beginning prep for Benjamin's wedding.

Justin and Audrey are settled into their condo---both are working here in Nashville---and Audrey is also studying hard for the TN bar...she will take the test the end of July.

Benjamin and Elizabeth...are busy...Liz graduated from Lipscomb University this spring...Benjamin wrapped up his first year of Law school...and is now home working for Mark Bell--and working on Law Review...and of course they are having showers and working on wedding plans!!!

As for Bethany...we have been in the Senior mode for the last couple of months...track season this spring...junior-senior...senior day...graduation activities...and the list goes on and on!

I was honored when I was selected by the administration at DLHS to be the parent to speak at graduation this year.  (I am including the speech in the Journey).  Bethany really stressed that I not get emotional...and believe it or not I made it without crying!  Now I cried before I started talking and after the Bethany came up on the stage!  She was given one of the "Christian Character" Awards---and if I had been speaking then...I would have been crying!  But I had a lot of people praying for me...and I was able to made it through it!

Bethany did a great job introducing me....and again it was a great honor to be selected to share during the commencement exercise.

It has been a busy spring...going from graduation party to graduation party!  We also had about 150 people at our house on a Friday night for a party for BOO!  

God really blessed us!  We had watched the weather for a week...and their was no rain in the forecast...and then the day of the event...we started seeing 10% to 20% chances for pop up thunder showers!  About an hour before our event (outdoor event on our drive way)---it started getting dark and you could feel a few drops of water!

Barbara informed everyone to start praying....we moved pictures and other items back in the house...and we started watching radar---getting calls from around the city and country about storms, etc.!

Meanwhile, Barbara's dad was on our deck---praying for nearly an hour...Bethany was on her knees praying....and as we began the dinner...God provide some "thunder" sound effects during Ronnie Hunter's prayer!  Benjamin was ready to become a car hop---as we instructed the guest to grab a plate or if it started to go to our house, the Dickerson's the Brittons or their car...and we would bring them food!!!

However....God blessed us...we had a great night.  NO RAIN!  It was raining just a few miles away...but we stayed dry.

Mary Kate Fisher...reminded me that at her daughter's wedding (Anna)--she prayed for 30 minutes....and God gave her 30 minutes before the rain came---and they were able to have their outside reception, etc.
She told me..."God gave you two hours"!

What a wonderful and powerful God!  It was amazing! 

I have been getting some great emails and text from Tommy Clevenger (who by the way has been on vacation with his new grandson---I am sure he had a blast!) and Mr. Al Bradshaw.   Thanks for all the support.

There are many Baby Boomers reaching the age of retirement and exercising these prerogatives. It is "scary" to think that both of my children are at that age, and one has already retired and another is on the verge of retirement. I have been retired since March 1, 1981 and have enjoyed every day of retirement. However, in order to enjoy retirement to it's fullest, it is recommended that one be in the best of health for his or her age. So when I was seriously considering retirement, it was suggested to me by my family and friends that I have a physical check-up by a good doctor. They kept insisting that I do this, so, reluctantly, one day I made an appointment and showed up at the doctor's office at the appointed time.
The doctor looked at me from head to toe, then said, "Mr. Bradshaw, just how can I be of service to you?"
I replied, "Doctor, I never felt better in my life, but I think it's about time I did."
He said, "Well, I'll examine you for $100.00."
"Fair enough," I said, "And if you find it, I'll give you half of it."
He then shrugged and said, "Well, just from looking at you, I can tell without fear of contradiction, that you're too fat."
"Doctor," I replied, "I want a second opinion."
"Ok", He retorted, "You're also very ugly. But, to give me a clue and to save time, tell there anything bothering you at this particular time?"
"Yes," I answered, "My right shoulder hurts me something terrible. I used to be able to reach 'way up high like this (reach very high), but today, I can only reach this high." (reach only half as high).
The doctor asked, "Did it ever occur to you that the pain might be the result of old age?"
"Oh, No, Doctor," I answered, "My left shoulder is just as old as the right one, and it doesn't hurt a bit."
The good doctor then turned to his nurse and asked her to hand him a tongue depressor. Then he turned to me and asked me to open my mouth wide. He put this popsicle stick on my tongue and pushed down real hard...then he turned to his nurse and said, "I think this man is suffering from depressed tongue."
Then he started poking around on me in various places, and he poked in one particular place and said, "Cough." I coughed, and he poked around some more in the same general area, and said, "Cough again." I did, and he said, "How long have you had that cough?"
I said, "Now doctor, I have heard of deep colds, but this is ridiculous."
He said, "Tell me of some more of your complaints."
I answered, "Well, doctor, I have been concerned for some time about my hair getting thinner. What do you think I should do?"
He said, "Oh, don't worry about your hair, it'll come out all right. And besides, who want's fat hair?"
Then I began to remember some of the things that I thought he should know about. I said, "Doctor, there is one thing that really worries me a lot. Sometimes I have these memory lapses."
He asked, "How long have you had that problem?"
I answered, "What problem?"
He said, "Your memory lapses, how long have you had those?"
I said, "Oh, for about 2 you think I may have amnesia?"
He said, "Forget it."
Then I told him that I suffered a lot from insomnia. He said, "Oh, I wouldn't lose any sleep over that if I were you."
I said, "Well doctor, I do have a lot of trouble with my laryngitis."
He said, "Just don't say anything about it."
I asked him if my eyeglasses should be changed, and he said, "I'd look into those glasses if I were you."
I then asked him if he thought my talking about my ailments so much was indicative that I was becoming a hypochondriac. He said, "No, that is all in your head."
I told him that I was concerned about some character defects that could possibly effect my health, and I mentioned one. I said, "Doctor, I am concerned that I may be a compulsive gambler. Could that be harmful?"
He said, "You can bet on it."
I then asked if he thought I may have a split personality. He said, "No, you don't have a split personality, and neither do you."
I said, "But Doctor, sometimes I have these weird dreams. I dream that sometimes I'm a teepee, and sometimes I'm a wigwam." What about that?"
He answered, "Oh, you're just two tents."
"One more character defect, Doctor," I said, "I do believe I may be becoming a kleptomaniac."
The doctor replied, "'re just going to have to take something for that."
After he had talked and examined me some more, he told me, "This is what I want you to do: There's a shower room at the end of the hall, and I want you to go in there, strip down and get under the shower and turn it up as hot as you can stand it. Stay under the hot shower for at least a half hour, and before you dry off and get dressed, buzz me and I'll close off the hallway to the public and open all the windows. (It was in the winter time, and freezing cold outside.) He said he wanted me to walk up and down the hallway until I dried off completely. I asked, "Doctor, do you think that will cure all my ailments?" He said, "No, that will give you pneumonia, and I can cure pneumonia."
I saw this doctor about a month or so later, and told him, "Doctor, you really put me back on my feet." He asked, "You mean I cured all your ailments?" I answered, "No, I mean I had to sell my car to pay your bill."
Some time later I had surgery, and it was another doctor, and as he was prepping me for the operation, I told him of these experiences, and he split my side laughing.

I might have posted this email from Tommy in the past...but I like this so much...i am going to post it again...

Mr. Seamon:

Let me add my word of commendation to all the many people who made the Equip Expo a huge success. Thanks so much!

But what I really wanted to say was I LOVE AL BRADSHAW !! Can anyone tell stories better than Mr. Bradshaw? I think not. I loved his golf story. Thank you!

By the way, the movie "Courageous" was really good. A must see for families, but especially fathers. I laughed, I cried, I was moved, and I was inspired.

Have a great day!

Barbara's parents and my mom spent a week with us during graduation...and we stayed busy everyday...between graduation events...and visiting friends...and going to family reunions!  I made my first trip to Morrison Creek---and spoke at their Homecoming---a Gentry Family reunion.  It was a busy Sunday....nearly a two drive from Nashville...worship, dinner on the ground, visits, pictures...and then the drive back to Nashville for Elizabeth and Benjamin's church shower at Brentwood Hills!  we like to pack our days full!

Before taking the parents home...we headed to Readyville to visit with Geoffrey Sike's mother (Weaver Jo) and her sister Henryetta Barker.  The Sikes and the Seamons have been friends for nearly 60 years...and we have also made many visits to the Barker farm in Readyville!  Geoffrey and his first cousin Mark were also we gathered for a BIG COUNTRY the Barker house.  Mark's dad had passed away about 3 weeks we had a lot of memories to share about our dads. (Each of us--Geoffrey, Mark and I --have lost our dads---who were all good men and good friends).

After lunch, Barbara took her parents to a nearby community in Cannon County...where Barbara's grandparents are buried---so her mother could decorate the grave..something she does each spring.

Last Wednesday---Barbara drove her parents back home to Oak Ridge...I followed her with my mother...and then Barbara and I went on to NC with mom and spent a couple of days in Mocksville.

We got mom settled back at Somerset...and then we met with my brother Michael and his wife get an update and to take care of a few things around town for mom.

We also had a memorial weekend picnic dinner at my cousin Verna's house.  (It was also a celebration of her wedding anniversary (Jim)--their 44th!)  It was also a time to REMEMBER....that when they got married..(I was 13) I got inside their car---with a full box of rice and emptied the box inside their car!  When they sold that still had rice in it!  At my wedding...I took a box of rice and as were leaving the church...I dumped a box of rice on JIM!  This pat weekend...I gave him a box of REMEMBER the fun I had on their wedding day!  We had a great visit with my Aunt Novella, Cousin Ruby (Billy), Frankie and his daughter Taylor and Jim and Verna!  Mom and Aunt Novella enjoyed visiting  (Mom has two sisters remaining---and she got to visit with both of them last week).  

We had a great visit with both Barbara's parents and my mom. I am so glad that Mom got to fly in for graduation and that we could drive her back home. Thanks to my neice Katherine (Lee) and her family for keeping mom at night...during her stay here in Nashville (Nolensvile).

Barbara and I drove back Saturday..just in time for Christy Britton's (who grew up across the street from us) 40th birthday party! It was a GOOD ONE!

Today...we are having a neighborhood Memorial Day will take the place of our traditional 4th of July Picnic.  We have had to miss that the past few years...due to be at camp on the 4th of July (We will be there again this year)

The weather looks like it is going to be good today...time to get going with some work in the yard...and some work around the our Journey to the SON continues...

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