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Friday May 4, 2012

Well, I fell a sleep last night before I posted the I guess it is really a Saturday post!

Yesterday (Friday) Barbara and I were honored to help some other parents and the DLHS Senior Class Sponsors with putting on the "class day"for the Lipscomb High seniors! We went to Valley View Camp (formerly owned and managed by the Madison managed by an independent Board of Directors---from several churches that use this camp.) They have done a lot of work at the camp---now featuring a Zip Line course. We had great weather...a lot of fun for the seniors...and a big STEAK lunch for the grads!

Returning to Valley View brought back memories from a couples retreat that we had at that camp over 25 years ago! They used to have an indoor basketball court in their Mess Hall---and it was there that I enjoyed one of th best basketball games of my "retreat\camp" career.

Barry Dean had a great game that night also! It was a blast. Later Barry Dean, Ronnie Hunter and I would have a blast playing in a 3 on 3 tournament at Brentwood Hills Christian Camp! The stories of both of these games get better by the years...and I am sure (we have some video to prove my thoughts) that the stories and memories of the games---years later---make the games a lot better than they really were!!! But that is what makes memories so great!

We have enjoyed a laughs and good times as we remember these games. By the way, they have taken down the basketball goals at Valley I didn't get a chance to re-live the game! That was good for everyone!

Last night (Friday) we enjoyed dinner with the Hartman's---as family gathered to celebrate Elizabeth's graduation! She graduates this afternoon from Lipscomb University---with a degree in Education---English Teacher! It was great to share the time last night with her---family --- including both sets of her grandparents! We are all proud of Liz...and I hate Benjamin couldn't join us---he had just completed his third EXAM!! He has two more next week...and then will be out for the summer---heading back to Nashville from Memphis!

It is going to be a busy we prepare for their July 21st wedding date! We will head over to Allen Arena this afternoon for her 3 pm graduation!

I got this FORMAL email from Tommy Clevenger...earlier this week:

Mr. Seamon:

Let me add my word of commendation to all the many people who made the Equip Expo a huge success. Thanks so much!

But what I really wanted to say was I LOVE AL BRADSHAW !! Can anyone tell stories better than Mr. Bradshaw? I think not. I loved his golf story. Thank you!

By the way, the movie "Courageous" was really good. A must see for families, but especially fathers. I laughed, I cried, I was moved, and I was inspired.

Have a great day!

Tommy Clevenger

The Equip Expo 2012 was a huge success! Thanks to everyone for attending to everyone who helped with the event.

I got this PERSONAL letter from Nashville's Mayor this week...oh you got it also????

Dear Jonthan:

This week, I delivered my annual State of Metro Address at our city’s new Cumberland Park. I offered an optimistic vision for our future and I outlined a plan for moving Nashville forward – especially in our shared priorities of K-12 education and public safety. Now, I need your help communicating the importance of this plan and investing in our future.

As you have heard or read by now, my 2012-13 budget proposal for Metro Government includes increasing the local property tax rate. For a typical household, this will mean an extra $16 per month, or $192 per year. Arriving at this decision was difficult, but I believe the alternative is simply not an option.

Without additional tax revenue in the upcoming budget year, we would have to take drastic measures, including but not limited to: laying off police officers, closing parks and libraries, and forgoing much-needed repairs to roads and sidewalks. As important, the city would not be able to maintain and increase its investments in K-12 education, including long-deferred repairs to public school buildings and a long-overdue increase for starting teacher pay – an area where we are seriously behind relative to school districts across Tennessee. Without action, I believe our city would suffer from these setbacks for decades to come.

How can you help? Talk to your neighbors and your representatives on the Metro Council and let them know that you support the plan to move Nashville forward. And help me explain why it’s necessary.

The reality is: Since I took office in 2007, Metro agencies and services – except for our police and schools – have been cut year after year due to lack of revenue growth. Overall, Metro departments’ budgets have been reduced by $59.2 million. During my first term, I chose to avoid raising property taxes in the midst of a recession, and instead called on our agencies and departments to do more with less. And they responded.

The result is: Our government is leaner and more efficient than ever. But after four consecutive years of cuts, there is little fat left to trim. A tax rate adjustment is needed. As proposed, the adjustment essentially would restore the property tax rate to its previous level in 2007.

To recap: I believe our city must keep going forward, not backward. Through a combination of strong management and budget cuts over the past four years, Metro Government has become leaner and more efficient. But without additional revenue, we would be forced to undertake drastic measures, including layoffs of vital public employees and significant reductions to basic public services. Instead, we need to invest in these things to keep our city on the right track, which helps ensure safety and a good quality of life for all of our citizens.

Help me continue our city’s success. Let your council member know that you support the plan to move Nashville forward. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact my office at

Thank you for your friendship and support. And thanks, especially, for your commitment to keep Nashville moving forward.


Karl Dean

The Battle of the Boulevard Lipscomb and Belmont...head in different directions...

Lipscomb, Belmont to continue basketball series

Contact: Trevor Garrett

NASHVILLE - They will be in two different conferences next season, but they still share the same boulevard.

Lipscomb University remains in the Atlantic Sun Conference, but Belmont shifts to the Ohio Valley Conference beginning with the 2012-2013 academic year. But that doesn’t mean the basketball rivalry between the two schools, known as the “Battle of the Boulevard” is over.

Today both schools are announcing that the rivalry will remain intact with Lipscomb hosting the first meeting on Friday, Nov. 9. It will be the regular season opener for both teams.

The rematch is Tuesday, Dec. 4, at Belmont.

“It is good thing for both teams and for both universities to continue playing,” Lipscomb Coach Scott Sanderson said. “There is so much attention put on both of those games every year.

“The biggest difference is the games will be played in November and December instead of January and February. We will play the first game of the season here at Allen Arena. It will be a great atmosphere for both programs and both programs will benefit from it.”

Ticket information will be available in early fall.

Tomorrow...will be our Sunday for Hungry Tummy Collection...

Thanks to your support and contribution , sufficient funds were collected last month to care for 33 families! These were women and children involved in the MorningStar Program and Inner City families from Cole Elementary. THANKS so much! Mary Lee & Linda

Tomorrow night will be our Senior we honor our High School Graduates! Bethany will be one of those our baby graduates from High School!

Some early morning rain...but it should be a great day...for the university graduation...a luau tonight...and even a baseball game! Another busy Saturday...getting us ready for another great day of worship and Bible Study at Brentwood Hills---tomorrow!

Share a little Light and you continue your Journey to the Son!

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