Jonathan’s Journey
Thursday April 26th

Yesterday was Justin’s birthday! Sometimes it is hard to think back and remember what happened 28 years ago…however, there are many memories of that time that you never forget.
I remember the months that Barbara spent on “bed rest” and the thoughts that went through our heads…that we might lose Justin…or that he would be born weeks or event months early!
But God blessed us with a healthy baby boy…who now is an attorney…and married! We are excited to have Audrey in our family!
Happy Birthday---Justin!
Yesterday was also Benjamin last day of classes for his first year of law school. As he posted, “The regular season is over---and the playoffs are about to begin”---EXAMS! He will soon be home for the summer---and he and Elizabeth will be focused on their July wedding!
Our family is growing!

This is Equip Expo 2012 week!
Our BHCC staff is working overtime---to make sure that all of our Expo Events are organized and ready to go! We have had meetings---planning sessions---work sessions---and our task list is full---but we are checking items off!
Last night was our Pre-Expo---Family Meeting! We had a great turnout---and I think—based on the notes we have to type---we got some great suggestions!

Today---I have supplies to move, set-up to work on---and details to take care of as we continue our prep work for the Equip Expo! You can read the entire schedule and see more information….by clicking on the Expo articles on our web site.

Welcome back Tommy Clevenger!

Tommy…wants to help me with the Expo…and to make sure that I have the proper emphasis on CAMP for 2012:

With all this Expo stuff swirling around, it made me think of Brentwood Hills Christian Camp and all the ways folks can participate there. Of course, that caused me to look at exactly how could YOU excel as Director. You have done an exemplary job over the years, no doubt there, so seeing how to improve that is not an easy task. However, I have come up with an intriguing concept. Just hear me out before you decide.

You, the Exalted Leader could take one area each day and be totally in charge. For instance, one day, you, and you alone, could lead, direct, and aid EVERY camper with their crafts; thus the craft ladies could have a relaxing day shopping at Wal-Mart. Another day, you could cook the evening meal TOTALLY BY YOURSELF; thus allowing the cooks some relaxing time at the pool (I think someone could be lined up to help you wash pots and pans later – maybe Suzanne). Each night, you could sleep in a different one of the boys’ cabins; thus giving their councilors time to study and meditate on their beautiful surroundings. How about one night you could put on a One Man Variety Review – singing (well maybe not), dancing (I meant demonstrating tasteful choreography), jokes, and Shakespearian dramatic recitals. One day you could teach all the Bible classes in full costume giving your renowned stirring performance of Noah and the Ark (I’d be willing to come up that day to hold the hose for when the rain starts); thus inspiring all the other Bible teachers to be creative in bringing their lessons to life. This is just a sampling, I am sure there are many, many more good ideas! Perhaps readers of your Journey (the ones left must be a hardy lot since they wait weeks at a time for words from your pen) have even better ideas. Ask them.

These are just some thoughts for you to more fully develop (or more typically for you to turn over to Katie to make them happen). Whatever you think is best.

PS: I wore my Lipscomb sweater vest with the brown Bison (the good looking Bison not a namby-pamby substitute) today to honor the BisonS and the one-and-only Babbling Bison, the Big J!

Tom Clevenger

By the way, the other day after I post my “return” Journey…Tommy sent me this message:

It was good to read this quarter's Journey! It was so nice to catch up with the family. A couple of wedding photos, maybe a senior activity photo of some type, a photo of the lovely Mrs. Seamon, anything but a picture of you, would spice up the old journey (ask Katie, she can show you how).

Now that you and Walt have man-made parts, can we call ya'll "The Bionic Brotherhood"!? Your must never travel together or it will take six hours to get through Security at the airport.

The best news was that the Elitists did not triumph over deep-rooted tradition and that what is right and good in this world has come out on top. It remains the BisonS!! I may again renew my season tickets.

The Expo this weekend sounds great! Pancakes cooked by experienced gourmet chefs, car wash for only a can of food, a free movie (it is free isn't it?), chances to hear of great ways to serve God. What more could someone want? Well, you in a dunking booth would be neat (I did that once, it was cold!).

Looking forward to more Journeys soon!

Tommy Clevenger

Glad to have Tommy doing his part…I need others (Tom Hunt, etc) to send me a few messages…so I will have some new material to post!

Today and tomorrow…will be busy…as we do some last minute---Tasks to get ready for the EQUIP EXPO WEEKEND! Make your plans to join us for the Exciting Weekend---Come Experience the Journey!

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