Jonathan's Journey
Monday April 23, 2012

Yes, the Journey is back.
Yes, Justin and Audrey are married and living here in Nashville.
Yes, the Bison basketball season is over
Yes, we are still BISONS
Yes, Lads to Leaders has come and gone
Yes, it is Equip Expo Week!
Yes, I have gone over a month since I last posted a Journey
Yes, I have no excuses
Yes, it is spring...but it feel like winter at night
Yes, Bethany is about to graduate...and she is running track this spring
Yes, I am a year older
Yes, we are going to share some information...concerning the Expo and other events:

We are very excited about the upcoming fiesta at Grandview Friday evening!  Invitations have been extended to everyone at Brentwood Hills, Grandview and our Tuesday night classes.  Teachers, you might want to mention again, tomorrow night, that we need all who are planning to attend to sign up at the check-in desk.  Be sure to emphasize that it is free.

La Hacienda is catering the event, and they will be providing chicken and beef fajitas, refried beans, rice, tortillas, chips and iced tea.  We will also be cooking hot dogs for the children.  Please pray for nice weather so that we can have the event outside.  If it rains, we will set up inside - it will just be more difficult. :-) The food line will be open from 5:30 till 7:30, and ladies from Grandview will be serving.

Several of you have already offered to help give tours and tell about some of our programs at Grandview.  Thank you so much for your offers of help!  We hope to have some attending the fiesta who are interested in getting involved at Grandview - either helping with Sunday morning children's classes, teenage classes or Tuesday night classes.

Our resident artist, M. E. Hall, is in charge of our booth for Expo.  We will be setting it up at Brentwood Hills on Thursday evening at 5:00.  We could use help for that, and we also need several to man it on Sunday morning.  The hours that the booths will be open are from 8:30 a.m. until noon.  If you have an hour of time to spare on Sunday and are familiar with the Grandview program, we could use your help!

Be sure to notice the "face lift" that the reception room, back hallway and chapel have had - thanks to Jordan Giron and Cesar Jimenez!  Also, a big thank-you goes to John Glover and his crew, who made the floors in that area look like new!

Recently we have been made aware of the many challenges that the teens at Grandview face at school and in their community.  Plans are being made to focus more intently on this group and provide resourcesThis Wednesday evening Dick Garner will be speaking to the youth group at Grandview.  The teens from Rural Hills (hispanic congregation) have also been invited.

It's Equip Expo Week!
Attached to this email you will find an updated detailed list of the EXCITING EXPO EVENTS you can EXPERIENCE this week!
On Wednesday night the elders will host a Pre-Expo Family Meeting in the Family Life Center at 6:30 pm.  There will be NO 5:45 POWER Class or Adult classes on Wednesday evening.  If you would like to attend the Wednesday Fellowship Meal ($5.00 per adult) please call the church office by noon on Tuesday.
During the Family Meeting, the elders and some of our ministry staff will be sitting at tables to help facilitate the discussion.  The elders would like for you to think about these areas they have highlighted from the survey and come prepared to share “ideas” or “How to” comments concerning how we can work on these areas:
- We need to be more intentional about evangelism
- We need more joy in worship
- We need more resources for parents and children
- We need a ministry for 18-30 year olds
The elders will also share with us about the need for better communications, creating a friendlier atmosphere, and the desire to be a church family that loves one another.
It is our prayer that you will prayerfully consider these statements and then join us Wednesday night to share your thoughts and ideas.
If you are planning to join us for the Fiesta at Grandview, the Pancake Breakfast, the Inner City bus tour, or the Recipe for Engagement teaching seminar and you have not already signed up, please email and let us know how many are attending each event!
Continue to pray for the Expo...and get ready to be equipped!
We are BISONS....Put it in the BOOK!

From: Philip Hutcheson

Lipscomb University

Director of Athletics


In a nutshell, the question was:  Are we Bisons or are we Bison?


In the three and a half years since I began as the Director of Athletics at Lipscomb University, few things have excited the conversation around Lipscomb University Athletics like the discussion over the past 100 days regarding our institution’s nickname.     


Supporters of “Bisons” pointed to the tradition and the distinctive nature of our nickname as a reason to keep it.  They noted the uniforms, the trophies, the plaques and the banners of years gone by that all had “Bisons” upon them.  They harkened back to all of the students and athletes across the years, regardless of where they came from or where they went upon graduation, that were united by their love and support for the “Bisons”.  They pointed to other athletic teams across all sports that use unique or memorable nicknames, sometimes with different spellings to enhance the distinctiveness of their brand.  And with all of that in mind, the proponents of that view passionately defended “Bisons”


Supporters of using “Bison” noted the other three universities in NCAA Division I that have the Bison as a mascot (Howard University, North Dakota State and Bucknell University) all use “Bison” when referring to one of their teams or groups.  They noted that it is not unprecedented for a school to change or alter its nickname from time to time, depending upon the circumstances of the day.  They also were sensitive to the fact that, to this point, the more commonly grammatically preferred plural of “Bison” is “Bison” (in the same way the plural of “deer” is “deer”).  And recognizing Lipscomb University as a top-flight academic institution, the grammatical part of this discussion mattered to them.


So just before Christmas, as a way to test the waters of pubic opinion, we started using “Bison” in press releases and over the PA system at our events.  We talked face-to-face, both individually and collectively, with numerous former and current students and student-athletes about it.  We solicited input from faculty, staff, coaches and fans.  We conducted an online survey.  We listened to dozens of voicemails and read volumes of emails, Facebook posts, Twitter feeds and blogs.


And for the benefit of the scholars among us, we even went so far as to contact the staff of three well-respected and widely used dictionaries – American Heritage, the Oxford English and Merriam-Webster’s – to get their interpretations.  Here is what they said:


"Because the athletes are humans, I think it's defensible if a school chooses to use the 's' form. If you're talking about the animal itself, the plural of the word is bison. There is a tradition of being able to refer to teams using normal pluralization patterns. A different set of pluralization rules can apply. I don't see anything wrong with it."  (Steve Kleinedler, Executive Editor, American Heritage Dictionary)


“According to the Oxford English Dictionary team, the plural of ‘bison’ is generally held to be unchanged (i.e. ‘bison’) but we do have evidence in the Corpus which shows ‘bisons’ has also been used as the plural form.” (Nicola Burton, Press Officer, Oxford University Press)


“We have added it to our recent dictionary for learners, Merriam-Webster’s Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary, so it (Bisons) is indeed a word. The plural “s” form should be added to our other dictionaries when they undergo revision.”  (Benjamin Korzec, Associate Editor, Merriam-Webster)


So with all of the research, feedback and input behind us, I am happy to say that we always have been, and will continue to proudly be, BISONS!


Of course, an individual athlete or student is still a Bison, and one of our teams will still be known as “Bison (fill in the name of the sport).”  But when referring to the team or the group, we are BISONS! 


Perhaps above all else, universities are a place where research and thoughtful dialog is encouraged, and I want to personally thank everyone who has taken the time to write, email, call, blog, post, tweet or talk about what has proven to be a one of the hottest topics in recent years around Lipscomb University Athletics.  I also want to thank you for your patience as we fully-explored all facets of this question in order to attempt to address the variety of viewpoints that were brought to this discussion.


As a final thought, let me encourage everyone to consider this.  Whatever position one had about our nickname, one thing is clear.  You are passionate about Lipscomb University and our athletic programs.  You took the time to write, call, blog, post or tweet as a show of your support one way or another and that interest in and passion for Lipscomb University is a critical piece of our future success. 


With that in mind, let me encourage you to take a similar amount of time to write one of the coaches of our 17 sports to encourage him or her throughout the year.  Bring that same passion to our field, courts, tracks or courses as you attend our competitions and make your voices heard for our 270 student-athletes who are encouraged by your cheers.  Post, blog, link, “Like” and tweet your support of the Bisons on a regular basis.  Encourage your family, friends, teammates and fellow alumni to join the National Bison Club and to financially support Lipscomb University Athletics.  In short, keep bringing the passion and pride we’ve felt for the past 100 days the whole year through as together we support the continued elevation the University that means so much to us. 


Thank you again to all of the loyal supporters of Lipscomb University and GO BISONS! 

Another night of ending my day watching Andy!

Have a great Journey to the Son!

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