equip logo resized again Mark your calendars for the weekend of April 27th, 28th and 29th as we present our first “Equip Expo”!  A weekend of events and activities to help everyone become more acquainted with our ministry opportunities at Brentwood Hills. Click here for the complete Equip Expo Schedule

Part of our mission is to ‘equip’ everyone for service!  We have over 20 major ministry areas---that involve over a hundred different ministries, programs or projects,  During the Equip Expo 2012 your will get an opportunity to experience many of these ministries first hand, talk to leaders and volunteers to learn how you can be more involved.

The ‘Ministry Fair” portion of the Expo will take place during Sunday school on Sunday April 29th.  However, we are planning to have other events on Friday and Saturday of that weekend.

Each ministry leader (or a representative) is invited to a planning session Sunday February 26th at 4:30 pm in room 401 of the Youth Center!  The Equip Expo will be designed to help introduce you and inform you about every ministry here at Brentwood Hills. Now is the time to get involved!
Equip yourself for the Journey!

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