The speaker took off his shoes!

It was a Saturday morning, almost twenty years ago, in Atlanta, Georgia. I was attending a Promise Keepers event in the Georgia Dome, and it was sold-out. Nearly 75,000 men were packed into that huge facility, and we were listening to the first speaker of a very full day.

Nearly two decades later, I still remember and still need that message!

The speaker, Jack Hayford, began with the story of Moses at the burning bush – from Exodus 3. You know the story: Moses is keeping the sheep for his father-in-law when he sees a bush that is on fire, but not burning up. As Moses moves closer to look at the bush, God speaks with these instructions:

“Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

When Hayford came to this point in the story, he stepped away from the podium to allow all of us – whether we were watching him in person or on the giant screens – watch him take off his shoes. That got our attention. It’s the two things he said next that really made his message memorable and meaningful to me.

“We stand before God on what He’s done – not on what we’ve done!”

Moses may have actually made the sandals he was wearing. Is it possible that God’s command was a simple reminder that you don’t stand before God on your own merits or accomplishments?

Most of us have not made the shoes we are wearing, but how many have made the money we used to purchase them? The world wants to convince us that we stand or fall because of what we are able to accomplish with our own abilities and resources. However, we must remember that we are only able to truly stand when we are ONLY standing on Him!

“When God gets our attention, it changes the way we walk.”

Moses knew that walking barefoot in the wilderness was not without danger or difficulty, and would require his careful attention and diligence. In a similar way, walking with the Lord in this world is not without danger or difficulty, and it requires our careful attention and diligence.

This important story is only one of many highlights in Chapter 4 of The Story – the focus of our study Sunday evening at both 3pm and 6pm. Hope to see you here!

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