Last Wednesday night, Rebecca and Zara Dorris shared ways that sick and orphaned children in China are being helped. Here are some of the important highlights:

Over 300 sick babies are in the care of New Hope Foundation at six locations in China. In 2000, New Hope was started by Dr. Joyce and Robin Hill when they realized the plight of orphans with medical conditions in Beijing. New Hope has cared for over 1,100 sick babies and young children in eleven years. Many are healed or stabilized and later adopted into forever families.

Charles and Rebecca Dorris met the Hills when they brought two orphan babies to Vanderbilt for surgery in May 2001. When they traveled to China a year later to adopt Zara, they took several suitcases of supplies and visited Hope House. After the visit, Rebecca offered to find supplies and send with people traveling to Beijing. The Dorris family continues to be very involved in this work along with many others who donate time or supplies regularly to help these precious sick babies.

Over 700 suitcases of medical and baby supplies have been sent in the past eight years with local travelers as well as people leaving from other cities in the US.

Many in the Brentwood Hills family have provided suitcases, clothing and other much-needed supplies through the years. Two years ago several BHCC children's classes hosted a "Baby Shower" to provide supplies for Hope babies.

Supplies are needed on an on-going basis. Donations may be brought to the "Supplies for China Hope Babies" bin in the foyer throughout the month of January. If you want to donate supplies throughout the year, contact with Rebecca and Zara Dorris at 371-5221 or

If you are traveling to Beijing, China and interested in taking a suitcase of much-needed supplies for the babies, travelers are always welcomed.

Preemie Diapers (not newborn but specific for preemie babies)
Cleft lip / palate bottles (Meade Johnson brand preferred)
Premature Baby Formula – such as Enfamil® EnfaCare® or Similac Expert Care ™ Neosure®
Cough meds for infants and children; expectorants
Allergy medications for infants and children
Diaper Rash Cream
Infants Acetaminophen
Infants Ibuprofen
Antibiotic, antifungal, and steroid ointments or creams
Liquid multivitamins with iron for infants
Gummy multivitamins for toddlers
Oral Replacement Salts Flavored Powder – (Pedialyte® or other brands)
Teething Gel
Clean gloves and sterile gloves
Digital thermometers
Pill crushers and pill cutters
Alcohol Swabs
Hand sanitizer bottles with pumps - 1 liter or smaller
Gauze of various sizes
Micropore Tape –various sizes needed
Dressings – Hydrogel dressings, thick gauze abdominal pads, regular sterile gauze

A comprehensive "Wish List" of supplies is at

Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless; maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed. Rescue the weak and needy. Psalm 82:3-4

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