For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword ….
Hebrews 4:12

Even though a Bible may be sitting on a shelf, or on a table, or in a box … and not being used … it is still filled with the living, active and life-transforming word of God!

Next Sunday, December 11, we have a great opportunity to give our “used” Bibles to people who do not have access to Bibles and who would love to have a copy of God’s Word.

Al Jaynes is a good friend of Bob Mason and others at Brentwood Hills. Like many of us, Al had taken for granted having easy access to Bibles. However, all that changed in 1995.

A minister in the Philippines told Al that in his country a Bible would cost the equivalent of four to five days in wages. Al and his wife, Era, went home and counted twenty-two Bibles in their house.

Al’s eye-opening discovery led him to think of ways to collect and send Bibles to those in need around the world. He discussed his dream with someone who had experience smuggling Bibles into Cuba, and Al made the trip himself to that communist island in 1997. Here’s how he was influenced:

That trip pushed me over the brink when I saw people who had never been able to have a Bible. I saw people line up, pushing and shoving for Bibles in these little towns. It was like giving candy to a child.

Eighty-five percent of Christian literature is printed in America. We are just saturated with this stuff. Most people don’t see the need, and they just throw it away. But to the rest of the world it’s like gold. It’s precious to them.

In the past 15 years, thanks to this burden God put on Al Jaynes’ heart, more than 230,000 Bibles have been distributed in at least 48 different countries to people who are hungry for the Word – and Al knows this is hardly “a drop in the bucket” when compared to the global need. I am thankful that our Missions Ministry and our Elders have enthusiastically supported our participation in this great opportunity.

Please plan to bring your “used” Bibles (any translation, entire Bibles and/or New Testaments) to Brentwood Hills next Sunday morning, December 11. Note: although it is not necessary to remove names or markings in the Bibles, it is recommended to remove or delete any addresses or phone numbers.
For your convenience,trucks will be at both main entrances to the building as you arrive next Sunday to collect the Bibles you bring.

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