“Traditions in families have been described as the we always of family life:
We always have cider at Halloween; We always have hugs at bedtime; We always … Our strong families often told us about their family traditions.”*

Nick Stennett and John DeFrain contacted thousands of families internationally, seeking the ingredients that make families strong. Among their discoveries was the value of family traditions. While their research focused on the nuclear family (a.k.a. parents living with dependent children), what they learned can also apply to the spiritual family (a.k.a. the church).

The Brentwood Hills congregation is truly a spiritual family, and we are blessed with many wonderful “family traditions.” Two of those family traditions take place in November each year—ThanksforGiving and the Thanksgiving Eve Worship at the Iglesia de Cristo en Grandview.


Every year, hundreds of ThanksforGiving bags are delivered all over Nashville to families in need—families who might otherwise have very little to eat on Thanksgiving Day (or on any other day). In addition to the food that is given, each family receives a copy of the Easy-to-Read New Testament and a tangible and tasty reminder of the love of their almighty God!

ThanksforGiving is a great outreach opportunity for this church family. Tonight at our 6:00pm Worship, through a “Living Illustration,” we’ll get an inspiring glimpse of how God has already used this annual outreach to touch and change lives!

Thanksgiving Eve Worship
Iglesia de Cristo en Grandview

A newer tradition for the Brentwood Hills family takes place each year on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Eve (this Wednesday night!) we have the blessing of sharing in a special bilingual service with our family members at Grandview. The family at Grandview is always so gracious and hospitable, and spending time with them is rich and encouraging!

This year’s service will feature a very special visit from the Apostle Paul, and you’ll love the privilege of singing in that wonderful auditorium! We will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the Grandview building (2607 Nolensville Road – between I-440 and Thompson Lane), and I hope you are planning to experience this wonderful “family tradition.”

* From Secrets of Strong Families, page 38, by Nick Stinnett and John DeFrain

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