What’s a Mother (or a Father) to do?

Tonight, during our 6:00 p.m. Worship, at least two dozen babies, along with their families, will be introduced, presented Bibles and prayed for by all of us as members of their very supportive spiritual family. This is always a wonderful moment, several times each year, when we can be reminded that God continues to bless us richly with His gift of precious children.
Also, tonight’s Baby Bible presentation will be followed by something else that will be inspirational and valuable, not only for these families but also for the entire Brentwood Hills family.

Many of us are aware that research indicates that up to 70% of Christian teens stop attending church as young adults (at least for a while), but does that have to be the case? Any parent reading this article would want to believe that those statistics do not accurately forecast the experience for their children. But what can a parent – and a church – do about it?

David Kinnamon is President of The Barna Group, a national research company that primarily focuses on faith issues, and co-author of the bestselling unchristian: What a New Generation Really Thinks About Christianity … and Why It Matters. Kinnamon has recently published You Lost Me: Why Young Christians Are Leaving Church … and Rethinking Faith.

In a recent interview, David Kinnamon was asked, “Based on your research and observations, what can you say to parents who are concerned about whether or not their children will lose their faith?”

Kinnamon replied:
“It starts and ends with what happens in the home. That’s the most important shaping influence for whether a person sticks with their faith or not.”

The church is certainly important and plays a vital supportive role, and we should never take for granted the high priority Brentwood Hills places on the faith of our children and teens. However, nothing can replace the influence of what behind the front doors of our homes!

With that thought in mind, what is planned to follow tonight’s Baby Bible presentation is especially timely and powerful – for our personal families and for our spiritual family. It will be a memorable message, presented multi-generationally, that will capture our attention and touch our hearts.

Don’t miss it!

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