Sunday Nights in October

In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about
all that Jesus began to do and to teach …
Acts 1:1

Luke was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write two New Testament books – the Gospel that bears his name and the book we call “Acts.” Often people assume that the primary message of Luke’s Gospel is the story of Jesus … and that the primary message of Acts is the story of the church. However, the opening verse of Acts indicates otherwise.

According to the author himself, Volume I (the Gospel of Luke) focused on the things “Jesus began to do and to teach …” Although it’s not specifically stated, the clear implication is that Volume II (the Book of Acts) would focus on the things Jesus continued to do and to teach. In other words, the story of Jesus at work in the world was as much a reality in Acts it was in Luke’s Gospel or in any of the Gospels.

I know it doesn’t actually say this, but is it too far-fetched to think that the entire Bible includes “… all that Jesus began to do and to teach …” and that today (just like in Acts) Jesus is continuing His transforming work through the lives of those who are surrendered to Him?

That’s one of the reasons a “living illustration” is so meaningful and exciting. “Living illustration” is the term we use to describe a first-person account of how Jesus is working in the world … and in our lives … today. Every living illustration reminds us that Jesus is still at work in the world – a couple of thousand years after the Bible was completed.

On the next four Sunday nights, during our regular evening worship, we will share “living illustrations” as part of the message. It will be inspiring to be reminded that real people facing real challenges in the real world … are experiencing real help from a real God!

Also, on the fifth and final Sunday night in October we’ll enjoy a very special Sunday Night Singing – in the Family Life Center – with brothers and sisters from Grandview and Woodbine Family joining us. More details will be coming about fun family activities and food that will precede the 6 p.m. service that night.

Don’t miss any of these next five special Sunday nights!

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