Jonathan’s Journey
Tuesday August 16, 2011

No I have not broken my hand!
I just haven’t written in a few weeks….
And boy to I have a lot to write about…

Where do we start?
I guess with the fact that we now have two engaged boys in our family!

Yes, Justin and Audrey are engaged!

It was Wednesday night (August 3rd) and I had just finished an elders meeting…and I had called home to tell Barbara that I was going to go to Krogers to get some snacks for the election (BHCC is an election polling location---and we usually have a hospitality room for all of the election workers). However, when I called home…Barbara said that I should come home because Justin and Audrey were waiting up to see me.

That tipped that something was coming down.

Andy sure enough, when I got home…Audrey had the ring…and was smiling from ear to ear. Justin had waited until after Audrey finished taking the bar exam….and he really had planned to wait until Thursday night…but he just couldn’t wait!

They were both very excited and we are very happy for them!
The next night…Barbara cooked a big meal…and we celebrated their engagement with Benjamin and Elizabeth!

My mother was so excited…that she began to tell everyone that she had three grandsons engaged!
My brother Patrick’s son Bryant was married this past Sunday (August 14th) in Jacksonville, Fla. Our Family (along with Elizabeth and Audrey) traveled to Jacksonville for the weekend. It was a fun weekend with the family at the Mayport Naval Station Base---staying in the Navy Lodge right on the beach.

The weather was great….we enjoyed the beach, the pool, time with the family…a little bowling…a lot of good food…and a beautiful wedding!

Now we are beginning to plan for our two weddings. Justin and Audrey are looking at a spring wedding…and Benjamin and Elizabeth are set for a July 21st wedding…just after BHCC XXVI!

By the way…today is my niece’s birthday…Mary Jean Seamon…it is also Walt Leaver’s birthday…and Mary Kate Fisher’s Birthday….and today is the day that Elvis died!

Thirty-four years ago today---Graceland became the focus point as Elvis died.

Barbara and I were returning home from Carolina Bible Camp…and we had to get back to Nashville…so I could go to work at News Channel Five…(Then is was called Eyewittness News)---and for the next couple of days…the news was nothing by Elvis!

I have enjoyed listening to the Elvis channel on XM radio…and yes I would even enjoy an Elvis movie marathon!

Since returning from Honduras…we have been going full speed---school has started---volleyball is underway---and all kinds of meetings and special events!

Thursday we find out if Barbara is going to have ALC surgery…and my knee surgery is scheduled for September 16th.

So, we are waiting to find out if we will both be limping around!

Last night I was in White Bluff…for a Camp Leatherwood Board Meeting…and this morning…I was in Smyrna for a meeting concerning Jovenes en Camino…and then I spent the afternoon with Dick Garner and Roberto Santiago discussing plans for Grandview.

Meanwhile, Benjamin drove to Memphis yesterday….he is getting settled in today…and he begins orientation at Memphis tomorrow. Barbara and I will take some more things to him Friday and attend a reception at the Law School before we return home Saturday night in time for the Mustangs first football game of the season.

I got this email today…from Ronald Millon….

Last week my daughter Chelsea and Caroline started theirs classes. Caroline is in Zamorano school and Chelsea my oldest , is traveling everyday to Teguscigalpa to attent the school.
Last week i had to travel everyday to take Chelsea at the high school, and then wait until she finished her classes ( 2: 00 p.m)
I has been trying to find a bus to take Chelsea from Zamorano to Teguscigalpa , but has been very dificult.
Yesterday finally we found a bus.
Everymorning i take Chelsea to the bus station ( 15 km from Zamorano ) and a bus from the school pick up 6:45 a.m
Then in the afternoon I return to pick up my daughter from the school.

We are so happy that finally we found this bus.. and our daughter continue living with us.. I was worried beacuse , the other option was to let our daughter with an uncle in teguscigalpa.. But God is good and he provide this bus for her.

Please keep our family in your prayers.
Thanks for your continue support and prayers for Jovenes en Camino.

Ronald Millon

Pray for this family. Pray for Chelsea while she is on the bus for such a long time….well it is almost time for Andy…so time to post and get ready for a good night of sleep….Enjoy the Journey!

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