Jonathan’s Journey
Tuesday July 19, 2011

The Experience continues.

I have been on the phone to Barbara several times…since our group arrived in Miami.

I called her…and got her just as the plane landed in Miami.

It took them a couple of hours to get through customs and other agencies---before our groups could head to the AA GATE…for their connecting flight to Nashville tonight….and for the other group that will be spending the night tonight…before heading to Nashville in the morning.

I know that is not the best travel….and I am not with the group. I am here in Honduras with eight other folks…that will be heading home tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.

We could only get 27 seats on the Eagle that will be flying tonight from Miami to Nashville…..through our group rate…so the others have to fly tomorrow….and that group should be in Nashville by 10 am tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile, Barbara has injured her knee.

She is not sure what she did---but she heard the knee pop as she twisted it…getting into or changing seats on the plane. Paul French and others helped her on the plane…they got her some pain pills and ice….and then a wheel chair to help move her through the airport.

I have talked to her three times…and Justin is trying to change his ticket and fly standby…to see if he can go home with her tonight to help her. Bethany and Barbara are on the flight tonight…and Justin and Benjamin are schedule to fly home tomorrow.

Roberto Santiago and Mark McInteer are taking care of the group staying in Miami…while Commander DICK (Ricardo) Garner is heading up the 27 that are heading home tonight.

Part of that group is Jane Ziegler (from Somerset, PA). Jane is Jan’s cousin---and we all became great friends when we did the VBS ins Somerset…and Jane has made several trips with us to Honduras.

Early this morning, her mother, Lou---passed away.

Our sympathy is with her and her family….as she tries to get home to be with her family.

Today, it was different checking everyone in at the airport and then watching them leave to go through security…while I stood with our friends from Honduras.

I have never stayed behind before.

We got to Baxter shortly after 9 am this morning. We were greeted by the President of Baxter, Howard Norton---who gave a great explanation---and shared some great information about the school and clinic. Chapel didn’t begin until after 9:30 am…so we had to cut it short so that we could get to the airport. We were suppose to be there by 10 am…but it was 10:20 before we got there…and we were cutting it to tight.

However, American pulled our boarding passes…and we then got everyone in a line with their luggage….got passports checked, then we checked our luggage(paying for about 10 extra bags---since they are now charging for the second bag---we are still working on that issue).

We had a system were either I or Dick Garner would check in the other bag---and pay the fee with my credit card---before we sent the passport, ticket and $38.00 to Ronald Millon to pay our taxes---so we could go home!

It was an assembly line.

Our folks did great---the AA airline folks were a big help…and by 11:45 we had everyone through security ready to board the plane. (A big relief to me…I was worried---I am every year!!!).

Pavon (Sgt. Bilko) and I sat in one of our trucks and watched the plane as it was loaded. I then got out and shot video of the plan taking off…as it headed back to the USA. (It left Honduras about 25 minutes late…better than the 3 hours plus that we were on the plan last year before we took off from Honduras!)

Meanwhile, John Glover, Debbie Glover, Reed Glover, Jesseca Khan, Will parker, Mary Kate Collins and Betsy Jordan---spend the day working at Jovenes en Camino. On their way home today---they stopped by and visited Henry and Erica---at our house that we built on “the mountain”! I was glad that Will Parker got to go and visit the family.

Rashell Shoun, (her husband Jay and her children worship with us at BHCC and she worships at Grandview) is visiting her this summer with her parents. She and her girls will return to Nashville soon---she left the airport today to go back to her parents---after spending the week with our team.

Dr. David Ayes---treated more of the boys from Jovenes today…as he worked in the clinic. Tomorrow afternoon he is going to spend some time with Ronald Million and I work on plans for Jovenes. (After I get the group headed to Nashville at the airport in the morning---then Dr. David leaves on Thursday and I fly out on Friday.)

Thursday, Sgt. Bilko and I will be leaving early to go to Zamarano---so I can spend the day at Jovene en Camino…to learn about each employee, each boy, the neighborhood, the schools, etc. It should be a great day at jovenes.

Friday morning…I will head to the airport---as my Journey heads home.

A lot of Experiences!

This afternoon….I eat lunch with the boys from Jovenes…then went with our two bus drivers to fuel (with Diesel) our two buses and one of our trucks. Tomorrow we will turn in two our trucks….as we wrap up our trip.

After we left the gas station…we went to visit the land that one of our bus drivers---Marco has purchased for building a home. He has been renting a home for himself and his two children---and his mother-in-law.

About five (5) years ago he purchased this land…and he has a dream to build a house for his family. He will need a block/cement house (different from what we usually build---but this could be a new EXPERIENCE!) It will take about $7,000-$10,000 to get the funds needed and the labor to build the house. We are going to begin an effort to “Build Bookie” a house. He is a great driver and a good employee for Baxter and JMA Clinic!

I have pictures and more information that I will share when I return home.

I am going to post today’s Journey…and then get ready to meet the remaining team members for a trip to the mall…for last minute purchases…and dinner…before this group gets ready to head home tomorrow.

Continue to pray for our safety…and when I get an update on Barbara…I will share it with you. She said she is not in pain…just that her knee is stiff…and she is limping.

Sorry, I am not there to help her.

We continue to make a book full of Experiences! As our Journey to the Son continues….

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