Jonathan’s Journey
Saturday July 16, 2011

Another New Experience…

Our first broken bone and a trip to the hospital….

Saturday (Yesterday)…was going to be a fun day at Jovenes en Camino. (Children on the Way---a boys home with 55 boys---directed by Ronald Million).

Our two buses left about 8:45 for what is normally a 45 minute drive (however road construction has been delaying our trip in that direction by about 30 minutes each day.)

One of our truck drivers—Pavon and our helper Junior---along with myself and Mark McInteer…had remained in Tegucigalpa to pick up lunch ( we had ordered Chicken meals, etc) that were not going to be ready until 11 am…so we would be about an hour and a half behind the brigade.

After our stops at a Super Market, Gas Station, Price Mart and the Polo Campero---we headed toward Jovenes. General Ricgardo (Dick Garner) was in charge of logistics with the team…and of course---Justin was there to communicate and report back to me.

Justin had called me a couple of times… update me on travel and the first few things that our group was doing at Jovenes….and then just as our truck turned on the road that leads to Jovenes ---- Justin called and I could tell by the tone of his voice we had a problem.

The preliminary report from Leah Bradshaw and Paul Heffington was that Elam Heffington had broken his wrist playing with the boys. The first report was that he had fallen down…later I got the facts that he was the soccer team goalie---and that he was trying to block a kicked ball---and it broke his wrist.

Our truck met their truck on the road…heading back to the city. There I talked to Paul and Elam…(Who I could tell was in a lot of pain). Roberto Santiago joined the Heffingtons and the driver for the trip to the Kennedy Hospital.

There is was determined that one wrist bone was broken and the other one was cracked…and Elam made Brentwood Hills history becoming the first person to have his arm place in a cast. (Larry Mullins messed up his ACL a few years ago, but he was not treated until we returned to the states.)

He was on the minds of everyone the rest of the afternoon….and the crew rushed to see him, when we arrived back to the hotel. He has been in a lot of pain, but appears in good spirits.
Once our truck arrived---we served 160 boxes of chicken…feeding our crew, the Jovenes boys, employees and other family members who were visiting on Saturday.

We spent most of the afternoon just visiting, playing, learning about Jovenes---and then presenting a Bible story and doing crafts with the boys!

It was a great day in the valley.

Just as we were leaving it started to rain---and we drove back in rain…and had yet another long delay with the road construction. (It is a section of road where a mud and rock slide happened two years ago and they are still repairing the road, etc.)

After dinner (we were on our own last night---an folks went in several directions)---our preacher friend---the leather maker---Phillipi and his family joined us with this bag of goods…and he set up his store in a small room at the hotel. He uses the funds from this business to help supplement his work as a minister.

He has been a dear friend for years---and we have built several homes in the community around this church. We have conducted Bible VBS and given out food and clothes in his community.

Several of the homeowners from this area---join us each year to help us and visit. One of those families joined us for breakfast yesterday (the father and two sons) and we learned that their mother passed away this past September from Leukemia. It was an emotional time when they shared the news. Before we left yesterday morning…Mark McInteer prayed over this family. Then last night, Cesar prayed over Phillipi and his family before they got in a taxi to head back to their neighborhood.

Prayer…has been one of the great Experiences of this Journey.

Today…we head to Kennedy for worship.

It should be another great Experiences.

We will miss being at BHCC…but as Benjamin said last night we will be worshiping at BHCC South….as we gather with the brothers and sisters and many of our dear friends at the Kennedy Church.

Another full day lies ahead for us…and only God knows the Experiences that we will encounter on our Journey to the SON!

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