Jonathan's Journey
Sunday July 10, 2011

It is hard to believe....but the BEST of BHCC is history...and in less than 24 hours I will be on my way to Honduras!

Camp wrapped up with our campers developing their ROOTS!  We had some rain Friday morning...and we got an extra 30 minutes of sleep (well at least the campers did) some of us were up watching News Channel Five...and checking the weather radar!

Did you hear or see...that we were the CAMP of the DAY on NEWS CHANNEL FIVE on Thursday!  The select a camp to honor each day...and we were selected!  I usually watch the TV every morning at get the latest weather...and then on my I-Pad...I am always watching the radar...when it looks like or starts to rain1

Baptism this week included---Alie Davidson, John Thomas Paul and Coleman Goodwin.   Coleman was baptized at the creek on Friday evening to begin our night that include camp skits, a live SKPE with David Proctor who got up at 4 am in Afghanistan to share with our campers.  Fred Frawley prayed over David...and David got a roar from our campers when he showed them his M-16 rifle!

We had a great week at camp...and a busy time Friday night and the camp...and packing up everything to get it moved to storage...and some items back to Nashville.  It is amazing how much stuff we take to camp each year!

Thursday....Barbara and I celebrated our 33 wedding anniversary at camp...being at camp on our anniversary...has become a BhCC tradition.

Today will be a long day...(I did get a good night sleep last night)---but today...we will be busy with church services---and we are are going to open the youth area this will  be great to have the new additional classrooms.  I have a lunch meeting at the Woody Fishers to do some planning on the Fall Retreat----it happens in just over a month! (the weekend after Labor Day)!  And then the rest of the afternoon will be getting some last minute Honduras things together....and then a meeting with our team...and then then 6 pm worship (camp wrap-up service)---and from there on to a staff dinner....and clean-up in the FLC....home to back...and I don.t expect any sleep tonight...we have to be at the BHCC building by 3:45 am in the morning to catch our 6 am flight to Miami...and on to Honduras.

I have 3 groups traveling this year....going Monday, Tuesday and Friday.   in-between classes, activities,meals....etc---during Camp---I would either be on the phone of the computer working on the Honduras trip!

This will be my last year to have camp and Honduras back to back.  Not sure what the plans will be next year for camp (it will be later this year before we know next year's dates)---but we will be making some organizational changes and the same is being planned for our mission trip to Honduras.  So decision will all be made an announce later this fall.

Another reason I know if won't be back to back...Elizabeth and Benjamin have set the date for their wedding---July 21, 2012!  So, that means I know I won't be at camp or in Honduras in and around July 21st!

The wedding will change our summer in 2012 and our lives forever!  We are all so excited...and we are blessed and thankful that Benjamin and Elizabeth have found each other...and we are excited about bringing these two families together!

I will try to share my Honduras Journey....over the next few days.  I will try to post daily...but sometimes it gets hard...due to the long hours that we keep in Honduras!

I hope you will plan to be at BHCC learn about the BEST of BHCC!

We worship a risen LORD...have a great worship experience YOUR Journey to the SON continues.

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