Our Wednesday morning women's class is heading up "Buckets for the Brigade"...a project to fill buckets with much needed supplies for the people of Honduras!

These buckets (which are available in the foyer) will be prepared and shipped to Honduras. We need to have the buckets filled and returned to the Brentwood Hills building by next Sunday, March 27th!

If you are not able to fill a bucket but would like to participate with a donation, you can give that contribution to Jonathan Seamon or Dick or Jan Garner.

Scouring pads for cleaning pots and pans
Scrub brush for cleaning
Large Spoons for cooking
Measuring cups and measuring spoons
Laundry detergent
Dish washing liquid
Clothes pins & Safety pins
Trash bags (remove from box)
Work gloves
Hair combs or brushes
Bobby pins, barrettes, clips
Bars of soap
Hand towel and wash cloth
Toothbrushes and toothpaste
Box of Band-aids
Roll of Duct tape

THANK YOU for supporting this project! And THANK YOU to our Wednesday morning women’s class for leading this effort!

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