Faith in the Forecast

Nashville’s weather forecast this past Wednesday morning predicted several things:
- Temperature during the day would never be above “freezing”
- Snow showers would begin in the Nashville area during the early afternoon
- By “drive time” (about 4pm) the chance of snow in Nashville was 90-100%

More than five hours before snow was even predicted to arrive, it was announced that Metro Nashville schools and others would close early – because of “faith in the forecast.” By 10 a.m. Wednesday, still several hours before snow was predicted to arrive, churches all over Nashville (including BHCC) cancelled all mid-week activities – because of “faith in the forecast.”

Some were skeptical, especially those who’ve lived in the area long enough to know that Nashville weather forecasts can be unreliable. I encountered one of those skeptics Wednesday afternoon. In the Brentwood Chick-fil-A, filled with excited students who were already out of school, a total stranger commented to me that it was ridiculous for schools to dismiss early “on a forecast.”

However, later that same afternoon, as snow blanketed middle Tennessee, any “snow skeptics” were silent. Through the rest of the afternoon and evening and even much of the next day, to use the headline of Thursday’s Tennessean, the entire area experienced “GRIDLOCK.” Nevertheless, because of “faith in the forecast,” the decisions to close schools early and cancel mid-week church activities, proved to be extremely wise ones!

Do we realize that our willingness to put “faith in the forecast” is what determines the quality of our relationship with Christ – and ultimately the destiny of our lives?

We live by faith, not by sight. - II Cor. 5:7

Wise decisions were made Wednesday morning by faith, not by sight. It’s certainly true that the faith was supported by facts (trained weather experts studying radar reports and computer models, etc.), but decisions were made and implemented long before anyone could look outside and see snow falling.

Our faith in Christ is certainly supported by facts (the resurrection of Christ, fulfilled prophecies in Scripture, etc.), but daily decisions often must be made and implemented long before we can actually see or experience the blessings that are promised. For example:

Give, and it will be given to you. - Luke 6:38
Seek first his kingdom...and all these things will be given to you... - Matt. 6:33
And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back... - John 14:3

Are we willing to put “faith in the forecast?”

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