Jonathan’s Journey
Saturday, February 5, 2011
Here are some babblings and other notes as I travel this weekend as our Journey continues….
Travel Log
Thursday February 3, 2011
The Bisons and the Lady Bisons are back on the road again.
The teams left on Wednesday to fly to Jacksonville---for games with the University of North Florida and Jacksonville University. Belmont---the Bisons travel partner is also in town…as we will be swapping opponents this weekend.
Tonight the Lady Bisons and Bisons tangle with the Ospreys of UNF. The women tipoff is set for 4:30 pm Nashville time. Benjamin survived his 10 games in 11 days…despite the fact that he never posted a blog about that experience. He does have a very bad cold, but he is setting up the equipment as I write…preparing for today’s game.
The Bisons game is set to begin at about 6:45 tonight from the UNF Arena.
Trevor Garrett, Benjamin and I didn’t travel with the team---we met at Brentwood Hills this morning at 7:15 am to ride to the airport to catch our 9:05 Southwest flight to JAX.
The TSA operator was named Lucky!
I count it lucky to get to go through the full body scanner---it is easy for a guy with an artificial knee---so much better than the “pat down”. Trevor had his first experience today.
However, I was not lucky on the flight…because as soon as I got my diet coke…I spilled it all over me and my game notes. Good thing there was no one in the middle seat…and Trevor and Benjamin slept through my “coke shower” or they would both still be laughing!
Today is a big day at Lipscomb---as Athletic Director Philip Hutcheson will be on 104—The Zone to announce this year’s speaker for the Don Meyer Evening of Excellence---scheduled for April 16, 2011. The announcement will be made at about 4:40 CST on the Zone.
It is driving Ryan Daly crazy that he doesn’t know who the speaker is going to be….everyone had him believing that they know who this year’s speaker will be…and he is the only one on the trip that that doesn’t know.
Trevor and Benjamin have given him clues…and he is about to bust to know.
There will be a lot of people listening this afternoon…and others logged on her in Florida to hear the announcement.
We had a great flight today…we arrived at the hotel…just before the Bison---driven by Big Dave in a WISE coach arrived from practice/shoot around. (Big Dave brought the bus from Nashville and met the team at the airport. A lot of teams have their buses brought to the city where the fly in…and then they have a familiar driver, etc to take care of them during the trip.
Benjamin and I had to wait about 30 minutes before our room was ready…so we relaxed in the lobby. We got a chance to go up to our room for about 45 minutes or so before we were to be back to eat the pre-game meal with the Lady Bisons. Both teams had their meal at the hotel today…and that worked out great since it has been raining most of the day here in Jacksonville.
After pre-game…Benjamin got a nap…and I got in a couple of hours of work before we loaded the women’s bus at 3:34 for the trip to arena.
Coach Billy Snell and Coach Frank Bennett and I were talking before lunch…that these types of trips are Work-shoot-eat-sleep-play and then do it all over again! Frank was sharing that he got some great tea last night…he was mixing favored tea with regular tea and so forth. Today Coach Shaun Centers and I were mixing the lemonade and tea---for an Arnold Palmer!
On the Bus ride to the arena…Coach Katie Beth Allen---brought up a name out of the pass…as ESPN had done a feature last night on Jimmy the Greek. I guess since it is Super Bowl week…they are doing all kinds of features.
Also, I think we always play the Jacksonville teams Super Bowl week…or least it seems that way.
A shout out to a young man named Josh---from here at UNF…he stopped by our broadcast position to see if one of us (Benjamin or I) writes the Travel Log. He said he enjoyed the travel log….and the videos (Ryan and Trevor handle the videos and pictures)he said he wished that more teams in the A-Sun would post some blogs like our Travel Log.
Benjamin mentioned that I needed an editor…due to all of my typos---and Josh said, ‘it is a blog—it can have typos!” A man after my own heart! Trevor is the man---I just give him the unedited versions to be posted…corrected and edited.
It is getting closer to game time…and the big announcement from Nashville. I will be logged on to the Zone to hear Philip and George as the share the news. By the way, Coach Don Meyer will be back in town next Friday night as he is inducted into the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame. That should be an enjoyable evening.
It is almost game time for the Ladies…I hope both teams have great games…and pick up a couple of wins tonight as we get ready to “Put it in the Book’!
Travel Log
February 4, 2011
UNF snapped the Bisons four game winning streak last night. It is re-focus time again for the team and it started last night after the game---as they gathered at the hotel for their post game meal.
It continued this morning…with breakfast in the hotel at 9:30…and then as we loaded the bus at 11:30 for the trip to Jacksonville University for practice.
The Bisons noon practice…followed the Lady Bisons who were on the court first. The men worked out for about an hour and a half and then it was back to the hotel…and trainer Will Ness brought in lunch from Chipotle Mexican Grill.
After lunch…the team had about four hours before they would gather again in “Jaguar” (our meeting room) for dinner from Bono’s Bar-B-Que.
I went back to the room…did a little prep work, started listening to our January 8th match-up with Jacksonville…I laid down on the bed…and four hour later it was time to get up and head to dinner.
That is life on the road.
I guess I should throw in a few other things…
I did spend a little over an hour today on a conference call with our construction team at Brentwood Hills. We are in the middle of a construction project---so we have meetings every other week. Since I am on the road, I joined them on the phone---for our update---to answer a few questions and to get my assignments for next week.
After, dinner Benjamin decided to go for a swim and I decided I would go work out for a little while. I usually do that on Friday afternoon…so it was good to get in a workout tonight.
Benjamin---sort of hopes that my nap this afternoon will keep me up most of the night…so he can get some restful sleep! He had to wake me up last night because of my snoring…and he said I got a good nap in this afternoon!
He will eat an early pre-game with the Lady Bisons in the morning…about 8:45 as they will have a 12 noon central time tip off. I am going to hang with the Bisons. We will have our pre-game at 11:15 as the Bisons are scheduled for a 3:15 pm tip-off.
After the game, we load the bus and immediately head to the airport. The two teams are on different flight s and I think different airlines---as both teams will be headed back to Nashville after their games.
The men’s travel part is scheduled to arrive late Sunday night (after 11 pm)---and then I have an early morning at BHCC arriving at church a little before 8 am. Carolina will play about 1 pm---I hope to watch the Tar Heels and then head to our 3 pm Super Bowl service and then head home to watch the game…and take another nap!
However, first the Lady Bisons and Bisons have a couple of big games with JU! Both teams need to take care of business…and of course we need to….
“Put it in the Book”!
I got this note from Adam Brown after the President’s State of the Union address….
Don't know if you heard it or not...but President Obama mentioned tiny Berlin, PA in his State of the Union address tonight...great memories of mountain pies and good fellowship there to end our week with the Somerset church!

Adam Brown
Berlin is near Somerset…where we conducted several mission VBS and we still have a lot of friends and connections with that church…I miss our summer trips…and as Adam said the ‘mountain pies’!
Our carpenter class..!!! They made a drawer.! Marlon Carazo has been the boy incharge of this
good job Marlon. And congratulations to our carpenter teacher Alex Andino .
One of our employees bought it. ....

Ronald Millon

Carpentry Class 1

Carpentry Class 2

Carpentry Class 3

Carpentry Class 4

Ronald is doing a great job with the boys!
A few weeks ago, Ronald sent some pictures of the boys at the beach…for a vacation/holiday. Here is a link to the pictures:

Click here to see the photos!

This note from Mary Lee Thompson:
Hello Everyone, HUNGRY TUMMIES will be collected this coming Sunday. Thanks to all of you for unbelievable support. More than 30 families were helped in January. Sincerely, Mary Lee
A couple of games in Jacksonville today….then Benjamin and I will fly home tonight (our plane goes from Jacksonville to Washington, DC---we change planes there…and then on in to Nashville about 11:20 pm!) Barbara and Bethany are in Gatlinburg with the BHCC girls basketball team…and Justin is in Atlanta this week…so our Journey is taking us into many different cities and locations…it will be good to get us all home safely!
Have a great Journey!

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