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Saturday january 22, 2011

Snow last week...more snow this week and more could be coming next week.
it is winter time in Nashville.
The year we need good weather for construction...we get a lot of wet weather and snow!

Barbara and Bethany are enjoying Homecoming at DLHS today...and Justin, Benjamin and I are in Johnson City with the Bisons and the Lady Bisons...and we are getting ready to head to Spartanburg, SC for our games with Upstate!

Here is my travel log...

Travel Log
ETSU-Upstate and beyond…..

Our journey for this A-Sun trip is a little different than the normal trip.

Following our game on Monday with Campbell, Trevor Garrett informed me that the team would be traveling by bus on Thursday…but that he was planning to drive on Friday---and that Benjamin, Justin and I could travel with him the day of the game. This arrangement allows me to get in another day of work at BHCC---and since Justin has Friday off, he can also make the trip.

Then the four-letter word appeared in every weather forecast:


All indication were that the snow would arrive in the Nashville area around 3 pm on Thursday and that by Friday morning we would have an inch or snow of the white stuff.

We also learned on Wednesday that Ryan Daly would be traveling with us…so all of sudden there would be five us and all our equipment and luggage for the three-day trip to East Tennessee and South Carolina.

Tennessee Car and Van to the rescue. A phone call to Bill Bivens—and the official transportation provider for the Broadcast Crew, had us in an eight-passenger van for the trip.

The team bus would leave Nashville a head of the snow and make it to East Tennessee with no problems.

Our plan was to leave the BHCC parking lot around 9 am on Friday---that would give us an estimate extra four hours before tip-off—incase we had any weather relayed delays.

Friday morning, the secondary and side streets were snow and iced covered---while the main roads were beginning to clear by 8 am. However, that made traffic very heavy on the main roads, like Old Hickory Blvd, Nolensville Road and some of the interstates. That meant that it was after 9:30 before we hit the road heading east.

The interstate was moving at the speed limit and it was beginning to dry---and as we went east we saw less and less snow. By Knoxville there was no snow and then we saw a little on the sides of the road as we got closer to Johnson City (they had gotten about a ½ of inch Friday morning. As predicted the most snow was on the “plateau” (that is where all of Tennessee’s snow ends up!)

Our crew made only two stops before we got to the Carnegie Hotel (located just across the street from the MHSA Athletic Center on the ETSU campus). Our first stop was the ‘Bean Pot’---we wanted Trevor and Ryan to experience this ‘country store’ in Crossville---that was always a stopping place for our BHCC Youth trips when we went east on I-40.

Even on a cold day…and despite the fact it might spoil our lunch…we had a hand dipped scope of ice cream---a Bean Pot tradition.

Next stop would be our lunch/dinner pre-game meal at Chedders in Johnson City. A great meal…and then on to the hotel…about an hour to get ready before we headed over the “mini dome” or as Sonny Smith (former ETSU coach and CSS A-Sun color analysts) referred to it, “The house that Sonny built”!

Benjamin is beginning his string of broadcasting 10 games in 11 days!

Bisons on Friday, Lady Bisons vs ETSU on Saturday, then a Sunday-Monday trip to Upstate—back home for a Tuesday night game with Belmont—he gets Wednesday off and then the does the Lady Bison-Belmont game on Thursday, the men’s game with Stetson on Friday, Lady Bisons on Saturday, Bisons on Sunday and then wraps up his marathon of games on Monday doing the Lady Bison game!

He will need to rest pace him self over the next few days…and we are going to give him space here in the travel log to blog about his broadcasting journey!

The Bisons came up short Friday night losing to ETSU by 1 point (68-67) after tailing by 1- points at half-time. (you can read the article and re-cap of the game on the basketball home page).

Coach Sanderson was pleased with the Bisons focus and improvement—especially in the second half. He is building on this improvement as we head into Sunday afternoon’s game.

After the game, trainer Will Ness had our post game food---the team gathered to eat in Coach’s room---while we had a broadcast debriefing in our room. Trevor Garrett who never sleeps---headed back to his room and went to sleep before mid-night---without delivering stats to Coach Sanderson. That forced the coaching staff to call Trevor about 1:00 am Saturday morning…looking for the stats…as the coaches were up late or working into the morning preparing their scouting report and game adjustments for Upstate. The team would be back on the court by 9:30 this morning as they get ready for the last game of the first round in the A-Sun as we travel to update for a Sunday afternoon game.

During practice, Coach Sanderson came over to talk with us and to poke a little fun at Trevor for him being a sleep last night…and not having the stats delivered! You have to understand…Trevor is always a step ahead of you…with information and he is an expert at taking care of details. So, the coaches had a little fun at Trevor’s expense!

Really, that is what team is all about. We are all one big family. We can laugh with and at each other…and when needed, we can cry together. The coaches, the players and even the support staff are all part of this “Bison Family”---and we support each other, respect each other---and it makes for a great relationship. I appreciate the friendship that I have with the coaches, the support staff and the players. It is a fun group to be around…as they continue their journey.

The team had breakfast brought to the hotel…and then they made the short bus ride to the MHSA Athletic Center for practice. After practice the team headed back to the hotel to shower, change, pack up and head to Spartanburg. The team would have food on the bus…as they left for their three-hour bus ride.

Meanwhile, our broadcast and support team…will be heading over the athletic center about noon---as Benjamin prepares for the Lady Bison game. We will be loaded and ready to hit the road after the game---arriving in South Carolina tonight…for the short game day tomorrow…as the Bisons tip-it off at 1:00 pm Nashville time on Sunday.

Hopefully we will hit a few more threes…early in the game…so we can start the day off with a few…”Put it in the Book”!!!

More updates soon...including some info from Ronald Million....

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