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Thank you to all of our Veterans! We remember and recognize all veterans on this VETERANS DAY!

Most of my Journey today...will be my travel log...that I am writing for the Bison Basketball program...and posted at

This is the first travel log for the 2010-11 Season. I plan to expand this year...and write a blog/log even for some home games. I hope you enjoy following the Bisons this season. Be sure to particpate by emailing your thoughts and comments to and you can follow the Babbling Bison on Twitter. Our 2010-11 Journey is about to begin...and the road to the NCAA starts in Chapel Hill at the Univeristy of North Carolina! The 8th (or 9th depending on which poll you look at) ranked Tar Heels host our Bisons on Friday November 12th---our coverage on the Lipscomb Sports Network begins with our Countdown to Tip Off at 5:15 CST! Now enjoy the Journey!

Travel Log
Thursday November 11, 2010
(Chapel Hill, NC)---The Journey Begins.
Coach Sanderson has used that phrase several times today…as he addressed the team at practice in the Dean Smith Center this evening…and again after dinner at Jim Bar-B-Que…just before the team returned to the Aloft Hotel here in Chapel Hill.
The 2010-11 college basketball season is about to begin---tomorrow evening as the Bisons take on the 8th ranked North Carolina Tar Heels at 6:00 pm Nashville time with our coverage on at 5:15 pm CST.
This is a “Bucket List” trip for Justin, Benjamin and myself.
I have been a diehard Carolina fan for years. To be honest---I have two teams---Carolina and Lipscomb! Growing up just 100 miles from Chapel Hill…in Mocksville, NC…I have been a Tar Heel fan since birth. As the Carolina fight song goes, “I am Tar Heel born, Tar Heel bread and when I die…I will be Tar Heel dead!”
I have never pulled against the Tar Heel men’s basketball team.
Tomorrow will be my first time not to wear the “Carolina Blue” and root for the heels. (A few years ago I cheered against the Carolina softball team---when Lipscomb played them and again when the Lady Bison basketball team traveled to Chapel Hill!)
I have been warned by the coaches and the players…not to have anything with CAROLINA on it on me or near me…when we enter the Dean Smith Center for Friday’s game! No Problem. We are all purple and gold this weekend.
For Justin, Benjamin and I…our journey began Wednesday night---when we load our Tennessee Car and Van---van and headed to Oak Ridge. We spent the night with Barbara’s parents. As we enjoyed breakfast this morning…Benjamin thanked them for our “Bed and Breakfast” and then we were back on the road again for our four (4) hour drive to Mocksville, NC---where we would enjoy lunch with my parents. After lunch it was on to Chapel Hill!
My wife, Barbara…daughter Bethany…and Benjamin’s girl friend Elizabeth Hartman will fly in tomorrow morning…and they will be joined by other family members for tomorrow night’s historic game for the Bison faithful!
We arrived at the hotel…about an hour before the team met to go over the scouting report. Coach Jay Walton provided the scouting report and led the team through highlights, etc. Ryan Daly had a special two (2) minute video to help kick-off the season. Later Ryan and I would do a video and a video interview with coach Sanderson…for the Bison Facebook and web sites.
For years the boys and I have talked about…and dreamed of the day that Lipscomb would play Carolina. Coach Sanderson and I have talked about this type of Match-up! After Brian Wright signed to play with Lipscomb---while his big brother was on Carolina’s team (before he went Pro)---I thought a Carolina-Lipscomb game…would be a game made in “Blue Heaven”…that should be played in Allen Arena or the Bridgestone “rubber rink” in downtown Nashville!
However we are headed to the Dean Dome---Friday night!
As a teenager…I dreamed of doing ‘play by play’ for Carolina! I can remember listening to the final broadcast (I even made a reel to reel tape of the broadcast) by Bill Curry---before he turned the mike over to Woody Durham---the Voice of the Tar Heels---for the past 4O years! I have listened to hundreds of Woody’s broadcast. I got to meet him several years ago…on a trip to the Dean Smith Center to the see the Heels! I was doing some fill in work at WSM radio in Nashville…doing sports fill in for Wes Durham (Woody’s son---who was the voice of the Vanderbilt Commodores. He is now the play by play announcer for Georgia Tech.)
About 30 or so years ago…I sent Woody a resume tape (video actually) looking for a TV job at WFMY Channel 2 in Greensboro. I think I also send him a few play by play tapes…but no job…and I remained in Nashville….and made my transition from WTVF Channel 5---to Lipscomb and then to Brentwood Hills.
Tomorrow, the boys and I will be just a couple of seats down from one of my broadcast idols…as we call the Lipscomb-Carolina game! The three of us are excited about being courtside tomorrow.
Tonight…during practice…we were going in the press room…walking down the hallway by the Carolina locker room…under the bleachers…through the tunnels…taking tons of pictures…and taking in the flavor of being on the court…that so many of our favorite players had played!
It took me a few tries…but I final hit a hook shot from the corner!
The players enjoy kidding me about the “baby blue” color….and they are making sure that we are all LIPSCOMB on this trip. They did ask me about why are they called Tar Heels? I started quoting the legend---that it began with the Revolutionary War (Some say that war—others say the Civil war---but all for the same reason)…as explained in this bit from the internet:
The origin of North Carolina's nickname is grounded, at least in part, in one of the state's major products during the Colonial Era -- tar. The tar was made by slowly burning the wood of longleaf pine trees. One legend attributes the name to the laborers who walked out of the woods with the sticky black substance on their shoes. Other stories go back to the Revolutionary War, when North Carolina soldiers continued marching after wading through a river coated with the viscous liquid.
We like the explanation on the state's official web site for its colorful and imaginative dialog. It traces the nickname's source to the Civil War. Retreating soldiers left a column of North Carolinians to battle the enemy alone. Later, the North Carolinians met the fleeing troops and told them for the next battle we'll put tar on your heels to make them stick. Gen. Robert E. Lee, on hearing the story, reportedly exclaimed, "God bless the Tar Heel boys."
Over the years, North Carolina has been known by many nicknames, including the Turpentine State, the Land of the Sky, and the Old North State. But the nickname Tar Heel has stuck -- just like tar on a soldier�s shoe.
By the way…it is not just the nickname for the Basketball team…it is like VOLUNTEER…it is the name for all North Carolina residents---we are all Tar Heels…even those folks from down the road at DOOK!
A young broadcaster I dreamed of working for Carolina Sports Network. While in high school---during the summer of my junior year---I attended a two week ‘Radio and TV Institute” at UNC…and I thought that I might come here and major in Broadcasting. I loved the institute…and the campus and the university town…but I knew I needed to attend a “Christian College”! My fellow Tar Heel…and best friend, Geoffrey Sikes---decided that we would go to Nashville and attend Lipscomb. We were college roommates for four years---I got a chance to announce “intramural tackle football games” ---then Lipscomb Baseball and Basketballs Games---I started writing for the BABBLER as the “Babbling Bison”—I started working part-time at the old “WMAK-1300AM”---then in the mid-70’s I started doing Lipscomb ‘play by play’…and as they say…the rest is history.
Friends like Mark French, Alan Banks, Jerry Meyer, Steve Flatt, Wil Thornthwaite, Andy Lane, Jim Fitzgerald, Kevin Kolbe, Scott Shannon, Ricky Frawley, Matt Fulks, Brent High,Chad High, Greg Eubanks….and others have joined me in the broadcast booth through the years.
Now, I have the pleasure of working along side my two sons. What a special feeling…that is hard to explain. We have a great time…preparing…sharing notes…and then broadcasting together!
I have asked Bethany if she wants to join the team…but she hasn’t agreed yet!
I have been well blessed. God has been good to me.
Lipscomb was the perfect place for me.
I have often wondered how my life would have turned out…if I had remained in NC…and continued in the broadcasting profession???
Well, I would have never been a BISON!
And we all know….”Once a BISON, always a BISON”
The ole ‘Babbling Bison’ will proudly put on the headphones tomorrow night…flanked by both of my sons to call a game in the Dean Smith Center on the Campus of the University of North Carolina---As the Tar Heels take on OUR BISONS!
It is time for the BISONS to FINISH!...but first ...
The Journey must begin! It begins Friday night in Chapel Hill…and you can ‘Put it in the Book’!

Here is my Journey that will appear in the Highlights for Sunday November 13, 2010:


Mark your calendars and make plans to join us for a special reception honoring our five retiring elders—Jim Arnett, Jesse Clayton, Charles Frasier, Dick Garner, and Jim Redmon—on Sunday, November 28, immediately following evening services in the Rotunda. This will be a great time to honor these men and their families who have given so much of their time, energy, and love to this church family.

Also on that Sunday a written statement from each of the retiring elders will be shared with the congregation.

We appreciate everything that Jim, Jesse, Charles, Dick, and Jim have done to lead this congregation! Praise God for their servant hearts and for giving them vision and wisdom!


It’s almost Thanksgiving...which means that it’s time for ThanksforGiving! You have already read a little bit about ThanksforGiving in A Word from Walt, but see below for the menu list! So many of you have already returned bags full of food—thank you for your generosity!

ThanksforGiving Menu:

2—28 oz. green beans

2—28 oz. whole kernel corn

1—29 oz. fruit cocktail

2—8 oz. corn bread mix

1—13 oz. instant mashed potatoes

1—14 oz. macaroni and cheese

1—18 oz. yellow cake mix

1—16 oz. chocolate icing

1—26 oz. iced tea mix (makes 10+ quarts)

2—3 oz. cherry jello

Just another great way to share light and love on our journey to the Son!


So much is going on during the Holidays! Be sure to mark your calendars so you don’t miss a thing!

Thanksgiving Service at Grandview—11/24 at 6:30 (No service at BHCC)

Breakfast with Santa—12/11

Brentwood Hills Christmas Carols—12/12 at 7:00

Children’s Christmas Program—12/19 at 6:00 p.m.

Christmas Caroling—12/22 at 5:45 p.m.

(No classes at 6:30)

Year-End Devo—12/29 at 6:30 p.m.

(No POWER at 5:45 or classes at 6:30)


Mark your calendars and make plans to attend “Brentwood Hills Christmas Carols” - which will be held on Sunday night, December 12. Anyone who is interested in singing with the chorus that evening should contact Jeff Rice ( It will be a great evening of food, fun, and Carols!


Summer seems like a really long time away...but it will be here before we know it! The Brentwood Hills Christian Camp 2011 dates are:

Junior Camp: June 26-30

Senior Camp: July 3-9

By the way, I was out of the office much of Monday and Tuesday...(prep work and then on Tuesday a colonoscopy! I understand (even tho...I was sort of out of it) that Amy Bowman had the idea for Robbie to send out a Family Life Line to several (not sure who got the message) to tell them about my test...and the one Barbara had last week...then I got this email from Tommy (by the way he is now a 60 year old man)

By the way, I think it is a bold Minister who puts out what we got on the Family Lifeline today! But, really, I do think it was meaningful for everyone to get that message as so many (not me, but others) love and care about you and want to keep up with your health and activities. I assume with the procedure being first thing this morning, you are back at the office or some meeting. I hope all continues to be well and open and clear!

Today, maybe you are trotting a little faster on your Journey to the....well, whatever.

Tom Clevenger

It is great to have such good friends on the staff..and of course Tommy has he supports out Ministry!

I got a lot of work done at home while preparing for the test...and even Tuesday when I got home. I was told that some of my emails didn't make I might have still been under the influence of the sleep meds!

Wednesday was a busy day...breakfast at Dick and Jan Garner's with the Latin American Mission teams....then to a Bible Study meeting with Chris Sullivan...back to the office for a little work before going with Barbara to visit Charlie and Irene Neal...more work...and then home to pack...and the road with the boys for our Tar Heel---Bison Journey!

Have a great week! ThanksforGiving! And cheer the Bisons on Friday night! jfs

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