Jonathan’s Journey
Saturday night---Nov. 6, 2010

The longest night of the year….

Tonight…or actually at 2 am Sunday morning…we will move our clocks back one hour…as we end Daylight Saving Time.

It has been a busy week…Barbara’s parents were visiting with us over the weekend. Her dad’s celebrated his birthday on Saturday and her mother on Monday! In between we had a busy Sunday with “trunk or treat”---and then Tuesday we spent much of the day downtown as Justin was sworn in as a lawyer. I am sure there were times during his three years of law school---when he doubted if he would make it to this day! It was a great day as the Chancellor that he works for---Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle---sponsored him and introduced him before the Tennessee Supreme Court. After the ceremony at the War Memorial Building…we went over to the Metro Court House to meet the staff and tour the court room.

Tuesday night…I filled in for Jon Lowrance and chaired the Adult Education Team Meeting…as Jon was a little under the weather.

Barbara’s folks headed back to Oak Ridge on Wednesday….and after BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)---Barbara headed home to begin her prep work for a visit to Dr. Mike Santi---for a colonoscopy! That would be our Thursday morning…and then next Monday and Tuesday…we will do it all over for me!
Barbara did fine….and Jane was there to take her home…so I could head over to Lipscomb to interview Lipscomb basketball players Josh Slater and Adan Hozdic---during the Jim Wood Golden Bison luncheon! Then back to the office for some work…before heading back to Lipscomb for the Bisons exhibition game with Trevecca. The boys and I did the game…and it was like an exhibition…106-59 was the final score. Next Friday night we are in Chapel Hill to take on the Tar Heels.

Chris Sullivan---a good friend and former member at BHCC…has been wanting to share with our men about panic attacks, etc. He and his wife Pam met me for our Wednesday night fellowship---and then he spoke to the men’s class. He did a great job…and he is coming back this Wednesday to answer questions, etc. It was nearly mid-night when I got home from the elders meeting…and then the long Thursday....brought us to a busy Friday!

Bethany went to her first period class and then met her mom and I at Dr. David Malin’s office…at 8:30 am…so she could have her wisdom teeth removed! She did great! So, far she has been taking it easy this weekend but doing well.

I headed back to the office for a 10 am meeting with John Johnston and Bill Pauley…and then after the meeting---Bill and I had lunch---before I headed to my Friday afternoon workout with Joshua at Chadwicks.

Friday night…we celebrated Elizabeth Hartman’s birthday…and enjoyed a night at home with the family…as Bethany enjoyed mashed potatoes and a milkshake!
I went to bed early (10:30---since the rest stayed up past mid-night playing scrabble!) knowing that I would be up at 5 am…heading to BHCC to get everything ready for our 25 Hours of Prayer. It is now nearly 6 am Sunday morning…and we are moving into our final two hours of the 25 Hours of Prayer.

Thanks to Jeff Parkinson, Joey Smith and Travis Taylor…I was able to sleep from Midnight until about 3 am. I woke up every hour or so…but it was still great to get a nap. They were worn out…and headed home shortly before 4 am.

I have got to go clean-up and get ready for the final two hours of this year’s 25 Hours of Prayer…and then we have a full Sunday planned at BHCC.
Here are a few updates:

Tommy Clevenger turned 60 on Saturday---Happy Birthday Tommy. I guess we can officially call you, “an old man”.

I might post some emails later…but let me post this for now.

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