A Message From Our Elders

Several weeks ago, as we began the process of appointing additional elders, the whole congregation fasted and prayed. Throughout this process, you have been diligent to pray for us. We are most grateful for your concern, your support, and your prayers.

The congregation and your elders have asked God through Jesus Christ, the head of the church, to give us wisdom and discernment that we might know the mind of God in this important selection process. We asked that the Spirit would lead and direct us to select and present to you the men that the Father has already determined should oversee and shepherd this congregation.

Thank you for the recommendations that you submitted. All of the elders have reviewed all of the nominations and have read all of your written comments. Individually and collectively, we have constantly asked for Godís guidance. We have interviewed several men, and some have decided that this is not the right time for them to accept this responsibility.

After weeks of prayer, interviews, and deliberation, we believe that your prayers and ours have been answered. We believe that the Holy Spirit has led us to the right men to serve at this time. We have utmost confidence in these men. It is our pleasure to present them to you.


It is our intention to appoint these men on Sunday, October 31, if no scriptural objections have been brought to our attention. If you know of any reason why any of these men should not serve as an elder, we ask that you go to him and discuss it. If after discussing your concerns with the elder candidate there are still unresolved issues, please let your concerns be known to one of the current elders by Sunday, October 24.

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