...leading up to our 25 Hours of Prayer – November 6, 2010!

The first meeting of the Brentwood Hills family was in 1955...55 years ago. God has blessed this congregation for the past 55 years, and we want to spend the next 55 days praising Him, thanking Him, and asking for His guidance and blessings on our future!

For the next 55 days – beginning Monday, September 13 – we will provide a different prayer theme leading up to our 25 Hours of Prayer. These themes will be posted on the web, in the Daily Sonshine, and in the Highlights.

Our 25 Hours of Prayer will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 6. NEW this year – we are looking for Hourly Hosts. Each hour will have an individual, couple, Sunday School class, or Ministry that will serve as the hosts and organizers of that hour. It will be the responsibility of the hosts to help recruit prayer warriors and to help carry out the prayer theme for the hour.

Shift Commanders will still be needed to help organize snacks, sign people in, take pictures, and update the website, among other things.

When the sign-up sheets are posted, be sure to sign up for our 25 Hours of Prayer and submit prayer requests at the Info Center or by sending us an email.

Beginning Monday, let’s join together as a family for 55 Days of Prayer. We might not be able to get involved with every ministry at BHCC, but we can all pray.

Prayer themes for Week 1:

Monday, 9/13 – That we will be a “praying church,” sharing Light and Love

Tuesday, 9/14 – For the English classes at Grandview

Wednesday, 9/15 – For the Elder selection process

Thursday, 9/16 – For the “In the Beginning” Sunday School class

Friday, 9/17 – For the Marriage Mentoring Program

Saturday, 9/18 – For our Cradle Roll classes/families with small children

Sunday, 9/19 – For our Discipleship Study

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