It is early Monday morning. I have been gatherin suitcases...and coolers. We are heading to breakfast...then we will collected dirty clothes that we want to give away...and from there we go to the Clinic and the construction site to do ou final day of work.

I have to pay bills today...and I have to meet with several of the leaders of the we wrap up and prepare for next year.

It will be a full...busy day. This day will close with a devotional on top of a Mountain---looking down at the city.

I expect it will get emotional. My tears have already been flowing. Please pray for us as our Journey in Honduras begins to come to a close...and we prepare to head home.

from Tommy Clevenger....

It has been great hearing of all yalls good work each day. Thank everyone and tell them multitudes pray for them each day. I hope your last full day goes well! Vaya con Dios!

Tom Clevenger

We are Sharing Light and Love on our Journey to the Son.

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