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Jonathan’s Journey
Saturday July 17, 2010
(Written early Sunday July 18th---the sun is coming up in Honduras…however the SONSHINE has been shining 24-7 in this beautiful country! Today my Baby turns 17! I made my first visit to Honduras the year before she was born---and then I came my second time…just about a week after she was born! Now, all of my children have experienced Honduras…and they all have a special place in their hearts for the work here in Honduras. Justin is home studying for the BAR exam---so he was not able to make the trip this year---a trip that has become something very special to our family. Happy Birthday Bethany!)
Yesterday was a full day at Jovenes en Camino!
We made arrangements to get Fried Chicken, Potatoes, Chips, biscuits, cake and drinks---so that we could put on a big “Birthday Party” for all of the children and the staff. We fed nearly a 150 people for lunch! I wasn’t sure if we could pull it off…but with the work of our great team…we were able to do it!
Meanwhile, between the rain showers---our crew of painters…painted the side of the warehouse/class room building…and our builders…did some work on a project on the back of the warehouse---to help fix a place for the welding lab.
We also cleaned the dorms---working hard in the bathroom areas. Our VBS team did a great job sharing the story of Joseph….singing and doing a craft for the boys. They painted picture frames and then we printed a picture of every boy…so they could have them for their rooms.
For many of our team it was their first visit to Jovenes en Camino. The boys will tear your heart out. I hope that we can raise enough support through our Past, present and future Honduras teams---to fully support the children that several of the members at BHCC are supporting. I will be sending out some letters to our team members…and any Journey follower is welcome to send funds to help sponsor the boys.
Any monthly amount will do. We will get pictures and other information…to help you follow the progress of our boys. I have some more research to do…but I think we have 8-10 of the nearly 60 boys that are being support by BHCC folks. The Jovenes board---has established what the full support for a year (food, shelter, clothing, school and other cost would be for a child---that amount is rounded off at about $5,000 a year per boy for the full operation of the home. We have offered sponsorships ranging from $1200 a year---to $2400 and up. I think we are at a time in the development of the home---that we need multiple sponsorships for a boy. I think that most of us that have sponsored a boy and have a relationship with him…will be willing to share the love! My goal for BHCC sponsors would be that each of us that have been giving a minimum of $1,200 a year…be willing to share the sponsorship with others associated with BHCC…and we move to fully support these boys !
Checks can be sent to me at BHCC---made out to Jovenes en Camino (fully tax deductible) ---and I will make sure that they are credited to our boys---so we can do our part to help the boys that are ‘Children on the WAY!” The way to a better life through CHRIST!” Spread the word to anyone that you think might can help. We will accept monthly, yearly or one time donations. Every dollar will help these boys to a better life!
We arrive at Jovenes about shortly after 10 am…our mornings are sometimes slow to start…as it takes time to get everyone where they are going…load the buses…then stop at the Clinic to get supplies and then a bathroom, snack/drink break and a bus/truck fueling stop!
The boys put on a special presentation/program for us…and the Jovenes director---Ronald Millon gave a short presentation to our group…before we began our day’s activities. It was after 5 pm—nearly 5:30 before we made the nearly one hour trip back to the city.
Many of our folks---eat close to the hotel last night---and a group of us headed to the nearby mall and T.G.I. Friday’s. Back at the hotel…backs were re-backed to get us ready for today…as we have some teaching supplies to share with the church at Kennedy. We also are short about 6 pairs of tennis shoes---this morning the boys from Jovenes are going to worship with us…and when they load the bus to go home---we are going to five them BHCC string backpacks---with a team t-shirt, a pair of tennis shoes and some socks!
Cesar Jimenez will be teaching the Sunday school class this morning. It has been a blessing to have several from the Grandview church with us on this trip. Plus, Rose and Roberto Santiago---do just a great job helping us translate…and this year Juan Zubia has been a big help also.
Time to get ready for Sunday in Honduras…hope everyone at BHCC or where ever you worship today---have a great time of praise and worship!
From our Mission Prayer Journal….
Lord your Word is powerful, for it gives life! I want to know your WORD more and more intimately. It serves as a “lamp to my feet and light for my path” as I follow you! Psalm 119: 105
Right now, I have so many people on my heart. You know all their needs. Today I bring before your throne of grace….(insert your list of people)…May they hear your voice calling them, encourage them! Work in their hearts in such a mighty way!
Help me each day to get into your scripture. Then, Lord show me how to best pass your Word on to others so they, too might find comfort, hope and the way to an abundant life. We ask all of this through Jesus---the WORD---who became flesh and lived among us---John 1:14.
We are getting ready for another full day in Honduras…worship at Kennedy…a fun afternoon…at the Valley of the Angels…some soccer for the young folks…and much more. Here is an email I got from Jennie Scott:
Thanks for the long post about your trip. Sounds like you all are having a great impacting trip. Makes me want to be there.
If you see Amanda at church tomorrow give her a BIG hug for me and janiece wise.
I know you are enjoying bring there with your Honduran Friends especially your sweet brother Ronald. You love each other well.
Thanks for what you are doing.

I saw Amanda at our VBS on Thursday…and I anticipate seeing her again this morning…we will share the hugs!
Please say a prayer for us today…and for all of the people of Honduras! Together we are all on a great Journey to the SON!

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