The “Summer Jump”

At Brentwood Hills there’s no such thing as a “Summer Slump.” In fact, when you think of all the exciting activities over the next couple of months, and all the people who will be involved, it’s much more accurate to talk about a “Summer Jump.”

Those special summer activities include:

- Camp Shiloh
- Nashville Work Camp
- Vacation Bible School
- Brentwood Hills Christian Camp
- Honduras Mission Trip
- Habitat for Humanity in East Tennessee

All of these activities provide rich opportunities for those who participate to grow spiritually – and to have one of the best summers of their lives (so far).

What plans do you have for this summer? Can we only grow spiritually by participating in these special activities, or are there other things we could do this summer – perhaps on a much smaller scale – that would be very beneficial?

Here are several very simple suggestions (and many of you do these all year):

- Read a good book
- Memorize a passage of scripture – there are many practical passages in James (the text being studied in Bible Classes this summer) that are great to memorize (e.g. James 1:2-5)
- Send an encouraging handwritten note (or an e-mail) to a different person each week – maybe more often
- Visit someone who is confined – either at home, in the hospital, or elsewhere
- Establish a healthy habit, and break an unhealthy one
- Make a new friend and/or mend a bruised or broken relationship
- Practice random acts of kindness - anonymously

Thirteen weeks from today, on Labor Day weekend, as we look back on the “Summer of 2010,” what will we have done to make this the best summer of our lives? No matter where you are going or what you are going to be doing, these three months can be life changing! It is exciting to think about what’s possible!

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