Mission trips have always been a very important and very special part of the ministry here at Brentwood Hills. From Honduras and Camp Shiloh to Habitat for Humanity and Nashville Workcamp, as a congregation we are so blessed with numerous opportunities to serve in the mission field this summer alone—and that list is in no way exhaustive!

2010 vbs egypt icon
We all have another mission opportunity, though, and we never even have to leave this neighborhood! Vacation Bible School is Sunday evening through Wednesday evening, June 13-16, right here at the Brentwood Hills building. This year we will be taking a trip to ancient Egypt to see how Joseph was used by God on his journey from “Prison to Palace.” “Miss” Suzanne and her incredible team of volunteers have already worked hours and hours to prepare for VBS 2010—and many of you have already volunteered to teach classes and lead groups that week. It is exciting to hear about all that is in store for those four evenings!

We may not think of VBS as a “mission trip” in the same way we would think about Honduras or Nashville Workcamp, but there is no better opportunity to involve every member of this congregation in a mission project. Each of us—from young children to older adults—knows someone who needs the love of Jesus. Whether it be a school friend, neighbor, or co-worker, we all have contact with at least one person who does not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Ever since the very first VBS, lives have been changed because of a simple invitation. We all know stories of strong Christian adults who credit a VBS with introducing them to Christ. What if we all looked at VBS as a mission trip, and our mission was to share the love of Jesus by simply inviting someone to join us?

God is always giving us opportunities to share light and love on our journey with Him...and VBS 2010 will be an incredible chance to share that light and love with friends and neighbors from our own community.

Be sure to join us on the trip to ancient Egypt!

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