As we consider the opportunity to make a priceless and eternal investment in our children as teachers in the Bible School program, here’s a portion of a story Andy Stanley tells about a volunteer named Greg, who teaches in the older children’s program at the North Point Church in Atlanta:

Several years ago, during the time Greg was helping to lead a Sunday morning class, he was called up from the Reserves and deployed to Turkey as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In retrospect it would have been understandable had Greg never offered to teach in the first place – knowing there was the possibility his availability might be interrupted. Nevertheless, he did volunteer and was actively involved when he was sent overseas.

However, Greg’s involvement did not stop there. Here are sentences from an e-mail Andy Stanley received later from one of the mothers whose child had been in Greg’s class:

“Last Sunday you spoke about the impact leaders have upon our children in their classes. I want you to know about my son’s teacher who goes above and beyond normal expectations”

The mother tells that while Greg was in Turkey he did not forget about those in his Sunday morning class. In fact, he sent e-mails to these children from overseas, telling them about the work he was doing and asking about how they were doing. She continues,

“When you think about all the things that were on Greg’s mind and that he cared enough about his class to keep in touch from a war zone, it makes you think about the excuses we make about why we are not involved.”

Just like Greg, God has given each of us a priceless opportunity to be used by him to teach the children of this congregation! And just like Greg, we can impact lives even when our lives seem busier than ever.

How wonderful it is that Brentwood Hills has so many children! Please prayerfully consider signing up to teach! You can sign up Sunday in the foyer or contact “Miss” Suzanne if you have any questions ( What a blessing!

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