Jonathan’s Journey
Friday December 4, 2009

On the road with the Bisons.

It has been a busy week...recovering from the Thanksgiving Holiday. Sunday following worship---we enjoyed lunch---before Justin loaded up and headed to Montgomery. Meanwhile I headed over to the Lipscomb Campus to MC a Selection Party for the volleyball team---as they were getting their seed and destination for the NCAA Volleyball tournament.

The team and coaches were a little disappointed in their seed...and the match-up with #9 California from the PAC 10 conference. They were hoping that their 34 RBI would earn the Lady Bisons and the A-Sun some respect among the big schools...but again we have to fight for anything we get.

They play tonight at 5 pm central time...from Columbus, Ohio.

Sunday night...Katherine and Lee and the boys---along with my brother Michael and his family joined us after church for dinner. The next day, Michael would be driving our parents home---after they spent the holiday weekend with us.

Monday--it was up early for the Monday Morning Quarterbacks....and then back home to help get Mom and Dad off for their journey to NC.

I had a lot of meetings this week...but we were able to go to Lipscomb’s Lighting of the Green...hosted by Amy Grant on Tuesday night. It was a great concert. Afterwards...I went back to the office to work and watch the Carolina-Michigan State BB game.

Wednesday...was a full morning...wrapping up with a Staff luncheon---and then I had to hustle to get to the catch the Bison Bus heading to Macon GA---you can read about my travels--in the Lipscomb Travel Log:

Bisons Basketball Travel Log

On the road with "The Voice of the Bisons" Jonathan Seamon

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2009 - 11:50 P.M. ET - MACON, GA
The Bus was scheduled to arrive at 12 noon with a 12:30 load and we were going to be on the road by 12:45pm.

I knew it was going to be a tight turnaround for me...since I had a staff meeting and staff luncheon at 11:00 am---I had it planned that I would leave the luncheon by 12:15 and arrive just in time to load the bus!

However, 12:15---quickly became 12:20...and then I couldn’t find my after three trips around the BHCC building...and re-tracing my steps---I found my Blackberry in Jane Forrester’s office! I quickly jumped in the truck and headed to Lipscomb!

I called Benjamin to check on the status of the bus---and he informed me that the team was still practicing---and that I could take my time!

Saved by the whistle!

The coaches elected to go over the scouting report and practice--thus delaying our departure from Nashville. In the rain, I arrived at the Allen Arena loading dock and I was loaded and in my seat with time to spare.

It rained a lot of the way...but our bus driver (Dave) did an excellent job getting us through Atlanta and some stop and go traffic on the other side of Atlanta.

After a dinner stop at Olive Garden we headed to our Macon home--LaQuinta Inns and Suites. The hotel is about 15 minutes from the campus...and it has become a favorite place to stay...good food nearby...and we have had several wins since we moved to this hotel.

Ben Flatt is on this trip. He is helping Benjamin with radio for the girls games. We have conference doubleheaders this year---and Benjamin, Ben and Trevor are doing most of the women’s games.

Benjamin and I both are fighting Ben elected to sleep on the floor last night. Not sure which was worse...the floor or as Benjamin put it “about 3:45 you were sawing logs”! My snoring was bad...and when I was awake they were doing the same! I got up early to let the boys sleep in...and then Ben got a nap during the day...and tonight they have found him a bed!

A typical day on the road. Breakfast at the hotel...and a 10:40 departure to shoot around. The Lady Bisons were practicing before we took the court. During the change a chance to talk to coach Bennett. All of our conference games are doubleheaders (except for the Belmont games)---so we hope to see each other road a lot this year.

There was a different air at shoot around today. You could just tell this was an A-Sun game---not a non-conference game. A little get-up in each players staff, a little more vocal...and a good practice.

The Bisons are making several adjustment for tonight---defense changes---and a line-up of Slater, B. Brown, Teller, Hodiz and Wright.

After practice...a couple hours to rest before we made the short walk to Logan’s for our pre-game meal. Benjamin, Ben and Trevor drove Shaun’s car--because they were heading straight to the Lady Bisons game. The men’s team would arrive at the University Center at half time of the women’s game.

The game had a lot of story lines---James Florence showed us why he is one of the best in the league---he had 40 against Georgia Tech last time out...and he put 21 points on the board in the first half against us!

Coach made a defensive change at halftime---and before you knew it...a 7 point lead by Mercer was wiped out...the Bisons were back and we had a game! Jordan Burgason would set a University Center record with 8 three pointers...he was in a zone as the Bisons put 12 three pointers---“in the book”! (He tied a Lipscomb NCCA era record--Trey Williams hit 8 3-pointers against North Florida on Dec 2, 2006 in Allen Arena).

A great season opener win for the Bisons!

Back at the hotel...the Bisons enjoyed a “Sticky Fingers” buffet of bar-b-q--chicken and the fixins!

Then game the good news. Our only practice time that we could get---was 8:30 in the morning---so Coach Sanderson---made everyone happy when he announced NO PRACTICE--sleep in...get rest and we will meet at 9:45 to load the bus to head to Matt Shaw’s house (Marietta) for lunch.

By the way--I must mention that....the Lighting of the Green...was a great event on the lawn near the Allen Tower in front of Allen Arena. Amy Grant and her friends put on a great musical performance. However, my highlight of the night was when President Randy Lowry announced that the winners in the Christmas Tree decoration contest! He appeared to be a little surprised to announce that ATHLETICS won the BEST OF THE SHOW AWARD!

The Athletic Department is COMPETITIVE!!! Especially Vera Hutcheson! (Philip’s wife)! She went all out to lead the charge with the tree---which I think might have been officially submitted by the BFF (a women’s group--Bison Friends Forever)! Ironically the victory for the Bisons and Vera---took place in McQuiddy Gym---where in the late 80’s Philip was leading the Bisons to a lot of victories.

This was the second big win for the Athletic Department this year. President Lowry had challenged the University faculty to write and publish books this year. Guess what---ANDY LANE (Executive Director of the National Bison Club)--was the first to publish this year---a wonderful children’s book about the Glendale Zoo. The book would make a great Christmas the athletic department to find out where you can purchase your copy!

A couple of great victories for the Athletic Department---off the court.

Time to pack, finish watching Oregon and Oregon State---get a little sleep and get ready for our second stop on this opening A-Sun road trip! It has been a great journey so far! Great to put our first A-Sun victory of the year---“in the book”!

Here an email I got from Tommy Today:

To be honest, I have had a rather difficult and trying week both professionally and personally. I just wanted you to know the comfort I have received this week, and the inner peace it fostered, just being able to read your Journey each day!
However, I have read the latest Journey, Saturday, November 28, so many times that I am close to memorizing it. The comfort and joy it brings are waning rapidly (that means fading fast).
I look forward to someday reading a new one. How is everyone? Did you get a directory picture made? How is Ronnie Hunter's hand? Are you doing any Bison webcasts? I KNOW for a fact that Ronald has some great blessings going - but do others know this? No pictures of you Christmas tree? Did you get antlers for Rascal? Have you just suspended all church meetings? Will you be singing any solos on Christmas carols? (OK, that was a cheap shot, but we're in the same boat) Does your neighborhood have a Christmas parade?
I just thought, maybe you are not well......,nope - I checked the Daily Sonshine and you are not listed.
Whereever you are have a good day and think of us little people!
Tommy Clevenger

Everyone is fine...folks got home fine...Justin is in Montgomery...and Benjamin and I are with the Bisons.
We got our pictorial directory picture made after the Grandview service. Painless!
Ronnie’s hand is doing better. He is working some...and calling and we have several meetings arranged for next week to cover any down time!
With the Bisons....for a Mercer--Kennesaw State swing...we get back home later Saturday night or early Sunday morning.
I’ve got Ronald Emails to share. Recently we shared about the little community near Limoncilo...that needs a new water line. I am trying to raise $3,000 for the project. Several Journey readers have sent me a check (made out to Brentwood Hills)...and we are about half way there to raise the funds. So if you want to help with great project...hand me or mail me a check. This is a great cause.
I might have to post some Christmas Tree is up! Andy it looks great! I have antlers...but I doubt if Rascal would wear for Christmas Carols...I turned down the invitation...well maybe it wasn’t a real invitation. I do understand that there will be a 12 days of BHCC song.
As for a Christmas Parade---I don’t think Nolensville has one...we had a Veteran’s Day Parade...we do have a neighborhood Christmas progressive dinner!
Tommy...thanks for the questions and concerns....keep the people informed along the journey.
Here are some updates from Ronald Millon:

Dears brothers and sister members of JEC  Board  of Director and friends.
2009 has been an amazing year of challenges for JEC. We are in the process of finishing three classrooms and a restroom in the storage barn.  We are making three classrooms ready for the classes of electricity , refrigeration , sewing/ tailoring and computer.
With the help of a preacher from Limoncillo ,who is a construction worker we have been working on these three classes.
One of our employees named Israel will be the electricity , welding and refrigeration teacher, plus the carpenter teacher that we have.
Next week we will be sending Israel to INFOP ( the Goverment Trade School) to receive training in welding and get his Instructor Title to be recognized by the goverment and also private bussiness .
In this way we will be offering our boys an Instructor with his title and also offering the boys a certificate that will be recognized by the Goverment .
Israel already knows welding , electricity and refrigeration , all he lacks in his accreditation on the part of the Goverment to teach. JEC will provide the time and everything necessary to receive his accreditation so that our boys will have a real full time instructor.
will and Rachell will be the computer class instructors , they have gotten four donated computers and will start classes ASAP.
Thi is a great news. God is opening doors so that our boys will be able to learn one or various trades while at JEC.
All this is possible thanks to the support of each of you who have always believed in the capabilities and talents of our boys . This our goal , to form good men , excellents men that serve their fmilies and communities . Young men that believe in themselves and their abilities and in God ofcourse.
With christian love
Ronald Millon
The journey to the Son continue.

My dear brother Jonathan, Tuesday firts began with Caroline birthday. She is five years old. She enjoyed the day. We bought for her a piñata . But we will celebrate her birthday on Saturday with the rest of the family in limoncillo.
Since last month Caroline has been waiting this day . Everyday she asked Daysi and me about December  firts . When will be Decembers firts. ?
Tuesday I went to visit the lawyer , we have a good meeting talking about a container for JEC and some permissions of operations for our trucks.
After the meeting I went wirh Daysi to buy the Pinata , then we I reurned to the office , to have another meeting with the new Psichologist , .
At 4:00 p.m another meeting with the doctors, and some leaders of the community.
5: 00 p.m another meeting with security , and the two employees from the ranch.
6:00 p.m We vsited with Daysi the new House Parents , giving them some instructions with some specific boys that they are caring.
A really busy day.
We continue making the neccessary changes at JEC.Sometimes is dangerous , sometimes no. We are in God's hands.
And your prayers comforted our souls.
i am really very thankful for Brentwoodhills church for their prayers and love and support.. God is with us.
I am sending all my love for the church and your family.
Say hello brother Tommy. He needs to continue writing in your journey.
He is doing a great job .
With christian love
Ronald Millon

Hope you have a great weekend. Our journey will take us back to Nashville after the Bison game tomorrow night...and we should be in the red jacket again Sunday morning...and of course...Sunday night---get ready for holiday food and Brentwood Hills Christmas Carols! Make your plans to join us in the Family Life Center for the Holiday Fun Sunday night!

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