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Saturday November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Holiday begins to wind down... busy weekend.

My brother arrived with my parents late Wednesday night...and we spent Thanksgiving decorating the Christmas tree...putting up and getting ready for a big Thanksgiving Meal!

Friday---I was scheduled to go to SIU Edwardsville with Justin, Benjamin and the Bisons. However, with mom and dad visiting...I decided to send the boys and to stay here to visit.

Friday...Barbara--had us up by 4:14...and standing in line at Target and other stores by 4:50 am. By 6:30 am--I had already been to a couple of stores and enjoyed breakfast at Sam's.

Back home, I got Justin and Benjamin packed and off on their meet the bus at noon. By the ways the Bisons got a win! They came from behind in the second half to secure their first win of the season.

Trevor Garrett was going to write my travel log for this is part of two of our trip to Ohio State:


8:50 am...time to head to breakfast. Today we are eating breakfast and our pre-game meal here at the hotel. I’ve been up for a while...but it is time to get the boys up so we can head down stairs to join the team.

After breakfast....we will have some more time time to prepare for the broadcast or do a little more work before we load the bus about 11:40 for a trip to the Ohio State campus and our shoot around.

We usually try to be at the bus and loaded at least ten minutes before our schedule departure time. We never want the team to have to wait on the broadcast team!

It was short ride to the campus....a campus that I think is the biggest in the country...and they rank as one of the largest if not the largest University in the country....about 62,000 students...about 18 times larger than Lipscomb.

About time we arrived on the fringe of the campus...Michael Teller commented to one of Coach Sanderson’s boys---”Toto, we’re not at Lipscomb...anymore!”

Meanwhile, there was a little question...wither we were practicing and playing in the on campus arena or the city facility. Cell phones are great. A quick call to an assistant coach---and we were getting directions to the arena. Meanwhile, Trevor was on line--getting the address and the information was being programmed into the bus GPS System and we were on our way for an on time arrival at the arena.

One more slight bump in the road.

The entrance to the arena---had a gate---that didn’t open automatically. So, Coach Sanderson and several of us started walking down the ramp. Meanwhile, someone punch a button (maybe a call button) and the gate opened and the rest of the team was taken to the loading dock.

During practice...we learned that the bus would be backed right into the area...and we would be able to get off and on the bus without ever stepping outside in the weather. I am sure this is a blessing during cold winter nights!

Shoot-around was good. The team was not as sharp as the last four days of practice---but it was still a good practice. We when we come to arenas for the first time...we usually explore---checking out the locker rooms, storage area, the media room and other areas. Justin found where you could walk under the bleachers...much like McQuiddy Gym. I can’t tell you how many times I went through or under those old bleachers---so I could go from one end of the gym to the other...without going in front of the teams.

The practice was open. The Big Ten TV announcers were there to watch the practice...along with Paul Keels the radio play by play announcer for the Buckeyes.

We had a nice visit. He works for a local radio station that has the broadcasting rights to Ohio State....and he does both Football and Basketball for their network.

After practice Coach Sanderson did a radio interview...while the players got in a few extra shots...before we boarded the bus and headed back to the hotel. Practice is usually about an hour. The players will have about an hour and half before our pre-game meal (It is also being served in a banquet room at the hotel) is served at 3 pm.

After the pre-game meal---Coach Sanderson and I do our radio pre-game interview. Since, I am going to help Andy Lane and emcee the “Fan Rally” prior to going to the arena...I try to get ahead of the game by getting the interview completed and in the computer ready to play in the Countdown to Kickoff---pre-game show.

The players will need to be dressed and their bags ready to load about 4:45 pm. A little different schedule---as the team and the coaches will stop by the ‘fan rally’ hosted by the National Bison Club. The admissions office and alumni relations were also represented at the event.

Benjamin had to pull double duty today. Not only will he be helping with the broadcast---he also had to wear the ‘Bison’ mascot suit....and have his picture made with folks at the rally. He did the same thing last year at the Indiana Rally. (I would never say that Andy Lane is superstitious ).

The Bisons gave the 17th (or 15th or 18th ranked...different positions depending on the poll-so take your pick...a top 20 team) national ranked Ohio State Buckeyes...a good game. The final score...doesn’t tell the story. The Buckeyes had several runs...including one at the end of the first half...and then a bad start to the second half but the Bisons in a hole.

However, the Bisons never stop and never give up!

For the fourth game in a row...we faced a team...that shot over 50 percent...and hit three pointers like they were going out of style. Their length...and athleticism--and future NBA stars were just too much for the Bisons.

After the game...a 5-6 hour bus ride was next on the schedule.

A box lunch, a good book and my I-touch with podcast of Bison and Lady Bisons...put me right to sleep---until we had a fuel stop...somewhere near Louisville, Ky. But after a 20-30 minute break...I was back in my seat...head on my pillow and out for a few more hours.

We arrived on campus at about 2:45 am---we dropped Benjamin off at the “village” on campus and then we headed to Nolensville.


It is almost like a week long road trip! The Bisons had to practice Thanksgiving Day and Friday---before loading the bus at noon on Friday to head to SIU Edwardsville.

My parents were able to come to our house for Thanksgiving---as they traveled with my brother and his family. Mom and Dad are staying with us....and we spend Thanksgiving Day visiting with my niece and our families in Spring Hill.

With mom and dad being here this weekend, I decide to forgo this trip---leaving the broadcast duties to Justin and Benjamin. Since Benjamin is doing a lot of the women’s games this year--he has mastered setting up the equipment---so they should do fine.

We have two 0-4 teams getting ready to one of the teams will get a win...and we want that team to be the BISONS!

Hope you are having a great Thanksgiving Holiday! Hopefully---Justin, Benjamin or Trevor---will finish the final leg of this travel log....

PS---George thanks for the email and the support! Go Bisons!

This afternoon (Saturday) I took mom and dad to Readyville, Tn to visit with Geoffrey Sikes' mother--Weaver Jo Sikes and the Ray Barker family. We had a great trip. The Sikes and Seamon families have been friends for nearly 60 years. Geoffrey's father (Paul Sikes--who passed away two years ago) was the preacher at Jericho (in Mocksville, NC)--when Geoffrey and I were born. Geoffrey was born in Statesville...and I was born in Salisbury. Geoffrey and I have been together for nearly 55 years...and we have hundreds of pictures of us together doing a lot of different things...and that first picture was taken when we were about 6 days old.
Weaver Jo...told me today...that while we were laying on the bed for that first picture...she asked my older brother Michael (age 5 at the time) if he knew which one was his brother. He replied, "Yes, the beautiful one is mine".
That is the only time I have ever been described as beautiful!
Justin heads back to Montgomery tomorrow to prepare for Exams...Benjamin has the Titans tomorrow...and then Wednesday--he and I head out on the Bisons first conference road trip of the year. will be time to bring out the "red jacket'! Let the Holidays begin! Enjoy the Journey!

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