Jonathan’s Journey
Wednesday November 25, 2009
Thanksgiving Eve Service at Grandview
Robbie, Nancy, Rosa and Joel---did an excellent job planning our Thanksgiving Eve Service at Grandview. The young men from both congregations did a wonderful job—leading singing, reading scripture, praying and sharing what they were thankful for…in both English and Spanish. Ginger Santiago leads a group of younger students—called the 66 club---a group of children that have learned the Books of the Bible. The kids sang the books of the Bible and Jesus Loves Me…to help conclude the service. Over 300 folks were on hand for the devotional and the fellowship that followed.
Our family left immediately after the service to go and get our pictorial directory picture taken! I know it is hard to get the family ready…and it takes an effort to get the picture taken…however…if you don’t get a picture taken…you won’t be in our new directory! We want you in the booklet! Lifetouch is not a pressure company…they don’t push you to take a lot of pictures or pressure you into purchasing pictures---however, if you haven’t had a family picture taken recently…it is a great opportunity to get a picture….and we need you for the directory.
Bobby Brown stopped me at Grandview last night…to share with me a calling card size promotional item that I used in college when I was running for International Vice President of Collegiate Civitan. The card is about 35 years old! I don’t know how Bobby held on to the card for that long! I don’t know how many of those cards I printed or gave out---I was honored during my collegiate days…to serve as the District Governor, International Vice President….and then my senior year I was the International President of Collegiate Civitan.
It was during my Civitan years that I met Charlie Baker and Andy Gibson…and got my first real connection to Brentwood Hills. When I finished my college career---Charlie introduced me to people like Wil Thornthwaite and Dan Gower….and the beginning of the Music City Civitan Club. That started a friendship with Dan Gower…which led to an invitation for Barbara and I to visit Brentwood Hills in the fall of 1978.
As the say, and the rest is history! That fall we began a relationship with this church family that has lasted over 31 years.
That is something that our family is very ‘thankful’ for during the Thanksgiving Holiday.
Bobby---thanks for the card---I will put in my box(es) of memories! I have got to go back through my emails…Bobby mentioned one he sent me an email last week about my two recent video shooting opportunities …and a connection to Opra’s announcement about the change of direction in her career. I need to post some of Bobby’s emails!
Speaking of emails….here is a Thanksgiving Message from Ronald Millon:
Tomorrow is a special day in USA. Thanksgiving day. Sounds good. It is time to give Thanks God for his love for JEC. Itis time to give thanks to all members of the Board for your continue support , prayers and love for our boys.Itis time to give thanks to our friends and volunteers for keep in your prayers JEC.
In the name of our boys and employees I want give Thanks to all of you.
Thanks for your hard work , and sacrifice for support our boys. Thanks to all those who believe in these boys and support us for the education,and integral develpment of our boys.
Thanksyou because with your help we can provide education, nourishment and we are preparing them to be leaders with the vocation of service ,leaders who love God and love their neighbors.
Thanks BrentwoodHills church for support our work with JEC.
Thanks brother Joanthan Seamon to my Elders and JEC Board Of Director for trust in our work .

With christian love
Ronald Millon
Ronald send some great pictures of the boys at JEC---I will try to get them posted in our photo gallery later this weekend.
Judy Crumbliss took a lot of pictures during the Grandview service that she will post. She also took a picture of Wood Fisher, Tommy Clevenger and myself…eating cookies---I think it is going to be used a promotional picture for the Family Life Team fellowship meals or VBS COOKIES!
The boys and I left Ohio State on the team bus Tuesday night immediately after the game. The Bisons hung tough early…and what turned out to be a 20 point loss…was really a 10 point game most of the night. I think we gave them a battle. The buckeyes coach commented in his post-game interview that the Bisons were one of the best 0-3 teams he had seen---I think we proved that on the court!
We arrived back in Nashville about 2:45 am…and after we got the car loaded…dropped off Benjamin at the his dorm/apartment room and we drove home…I think I hit the pillow about 3:45….getting about 3 hours of sleep before beginning my Wednesday activities. I will admit…that I got a few naps on the bus--- including a good nap during the final leg from Louisville.
By the way---while in Columbus---we had a rally at the Hotel…before the game…and Benjamin was back in the Bison suit…I have some pictures…that I might share in the photo gallery.
My brother (Michael) and his family arrived at house a little after midnight on Wednesday night. They were dropping off mom and dad---who will be staying with us this weekend. My brother still had another 30 minutes of driving time…heading on to Spring Hill to my niece’s (Katherine Morrow) home.
They thought the trip took them about an hour longer…since they had to make a stop in Ashville to drop off their granddaughter—Reece---(My niece Mary Jean and her husband Keith will be in Ashville with family this holiday) who had been in High Point for a few days.
The land slide on I-40 sent them up I-26 to I-81 and then to I-40. They said the traffic never came to a dead stop…but it was bumper to bumper. If they had not been stopping in Ashville…they might have traveled up I-77 to I-81. I think that is the Christmas route that we will take…when we head to North Carolina for the Christmas Holidays.
Everyone has been sleeping in this morning. I got up about 7:45 to get the newspaper---to start a breakfast casserole cooking---to watch the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade! Bethany has now joined me in the living room to watch the parade…as I continue to share my Journey.
Later today…I have lights and decorations to put up! We have the Christmas Tree on the deck—ready to be decorated! Barbara will be cooking the turkey…and this afternoon…we will head to Spring Hill for Thanksgiving Dinner with the family.
A Holiday---but it looks like a full day of (work) activities! I guess I better get going…or we won’t get everything done…that we want to accomplish today!
I hope you have a great day today! We all have a lot to be Thankful for…not just today…but everyday! May God bless your Journey!

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